5 tips to build a solid online presence

build a solid online presence

In the modern day, all businesses are going digital and are engaging in a race to build a strong online presence. The reason one should have online popularity is because it is easier to target your audience online and it serves a base for a huge outreach. With the growth of social media, having strong online presence has become a necessity. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have gained massive popularity and it is important for a venture to be active on these platforms for an extensive influence.

Here are some ways in which one can build a strong online presence:

1. Great content is the way to woo your TG

Attention span in the digital era has considerably reduced and you have very less time to actually grasp the attention of your audience, so, your article or video needs to be packed with entertaining yet informative content. Also, platforms like Twitter have only 140 characters so the content needs to be crisp and attention-grasping.

Great content packed with keywords and information also leads to better search engine results of your company.

2. Branding is the way to go

In an era, where your venture is capable of becoming a brand; you’d be stupid not to adopt branding. A combination of a logo of various colours, tagline, font, style, ads etc helps you brand your product/service. This ensures higher recall and better recognition of your brand.

Almost all e-commerce sites are branding themselves such as Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, Romwe etc. This increases the value of the offering and also helps the customers associate themselves with the product or service being offered. Hence, to build a strong online presence, branding is crucial.

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3. Track your analytics

One can use various SEO told such as Google analytics, Followerwonk, Google Panda, Iconosquare etc to measure the performances of your brand individually and in comparison with other brands in the same market. It gives you a fair idea of important metrics such as engagement, new users, users who have left popularity etc. These tools are mostly free but charge nominal fares for a premium version.

Also, tracking your analytics gives you a fair idea of what strategies are working and what tactics need to be worked upon. These analytics also give you a clear idea as to what time your audience is online so that you can engage them better.

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4. Keep up with the dynamic trends

The digital world is dynamic and the trends keep changing and one needs to constantly evolve with them. You might want to put up a kick-ass article but you can’t be uploading only one in weeks; your target audience demands more than that. Videos on Vine and Vimeo are catching up steadily and all brands can definitely tap the video market. Also, not to fall behind, one should understand how hashtags work and not use them for the sake of using.

To be updated about the on-going trends, an entrepreneur needs to keep researching and monitoring the inclinations of the virtual world.

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5. Engage your audience

It is not sufficient to just gain a huge base of followers, you need to constantly engage them and keep them interested in your venture. If this step is not implemented properly, users will switch to other products and brands. Social media is the best way to create engagement online. Through hilarious and informative posts, videos, dubsmashes, pictures, articles etc, one can easily captivate the audiences.

For instance, through their varied content, pages like Scoopwhoop and Storypick keep their audiences engrossed via Facebook.

You don’t have to be omnipresent in the digital world but make sure you deliver and keep the Target audiences interested and in the process, increase your growth.

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