How to lead from the front: 5 Top qualities of a great business leader

qualities of a great business leader

According to Investopedia, one of the reasons so many small businesses fail is due to a lack of effective management.

That’s because few startups can afford the luxury of hiring highly-skilled managers to get things done for them. As a business owner, it’s your job to lead the charge toward success.

If you want to succeed as a business leader, these are the aspects you should work on.

Faith and Vision

To succeed in business, you must have an enormous amount of faith in what you’re doing and how you plan to succeed at it. This conviction inspires others to rally behind your cause and helps them see their role in the way forward.

Nobody wants to follow someone who doesn’t know where they’re going. Likewise, nobody wants to spend their time at work performing mundane tasks with no goal in sight.

If you are motivated by an unshakeable belief in your goal and can articulate it to your employees, they’ll follow your lead regardless of your MBTI type.

Integrity and Fearlessness

When you go about your daily business with integrity, you have nothing to fear. Doing the right thing no-matter-what will earn you the respect of your subordinates and your peers and engenders their trust.

With no skeletons in your closet, you’ll find that you have the courage to take the risks necessary to succeed in business and you’ll have the support you need to succeed.


Arrogance is the downfall of many people in leadership positions. If you want people to follow your lead, you must get them to like you first.

When people genuinely like and respect you, they want you to succeed.

The key to this is humility. A humble and gracious leader attracts more loyal followers than even the most accomplished business guru.

Share the credit when things go well and admit your mistakes when they don’t.

One way to practice humility is to get your hands dirty. When there are big tasks to complete, join in. The best way to get your team to look up to you is to get down in the trenches with them when there’s important work in progress.

If you can’t assist with their tasks, you can at least offer to make the coffee or fetch snacks to fuel their efforts.

Know Your Stuff

Expert strategic planning is vital for business success. Stay on top of the latest trends in your industry and learn to predict what might happen next.

Strategic planning is an integral part of any business, and getting good at it will set you up as a trustworthy and convincing leader.

Communication Skills

Whether you’re dealing with colleagues or customers, what you say is never as important as how you say it.
Clear, concise communication is the key to getting your point across and getting everyone moving in the same direction. Many natural leaders are also good communicators.

If you aren’t naturally good at speaking effectively and convincingly, a short course in public speaking can help you fine-tune your skills.

Become a Better Business Leader

Every successful business leader should have an insatiable appetite for information on ways to improve and grow their business.

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