6 Ways in which you can grow as an online brand

In the modern day, all organizations are going digital and are participating in a race to construct a solid online presence. The reason one ought to have online ubiquity is on account of it is simpler to focus on your target group online and it serves a base for a better outreach. With the development of social networking, having solid online presence has turned into a need. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have increased huge prominence and it is critical for a venture to be dynamic on these stages for a broader impact.

Here are some ways in which one can build a solid online presence:

1. Blogs

The easiest way to have your content reach your target group is through blogs. You can write articles, listicles or even feature interviews with eminent persons to popularise your blog.

2. Write an e-book

With the growing population of e-books on platforms like Kindle, it is a great idea to actually go digital and write a book in your field. This will increase outreach and affect the number of followers.

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3. Create polls and surveys

Polls and surveys are a quick and sure-shot way to grasp attention as people respond to them really well and remain engaged to find the results. Similarly, you could gain a lot of insights through the surveys.

4. Videos

With the growing idolization of videos and video platforms, it seems sensible for a company to make videos. They can be DIY videos, tips, guest speakers delivering a lecture or a random one. Various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc let you engage and interest followers through videos.
Get featured in popular websites

If you don’t want to have a blog for your company, it’s okay;but it is important for your content and ideas to reach the general public. In this case, you can outsource content to popular websites with already established followers and reach out to people.

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5. Philanthropy gets hits online

If you are giving back to the community in some way or other, people are more likely to associate with you. Do small deeds of charity like provide poor children with books and make a video out of it. This will get you hits on social media and help you grow a huge fan base.

6. Track your analytics

One can use various SEO told such as Google analytics, Followerwonk, Google Panda, Iconosquare etc to measure the performances of your brand. It gives you a fair idea of important metrics such as engagement, new users, users who have left popularity etc.

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