3 Growth hacking strategies that’ll boost your venture in no time

How to create exponential growth in your company using this simple strategy

Growth hacking strategies are out of the box marketing experiments that’ll boost and transform your venture in no time. It is usually combines unconventional marketing strategies that leads to greater traffic generation online, more customers and conversion of leads into sales. This increases your start-up’s market value and ushers in revenue.
Following a set framework and strategy can benefit you. Taking help of expert advisors from Entrepreneurs Hub will definitely help. Here are a few hacking techniques you could use to boost your venture:

1. Attract your target audience

The three strategies that are bound to attract your potential customers are:

i) Content creation:

Content marketing is a hugely successful inbound marketing technique which has proved to garner customers online. Through informative and interesting content, you could target your audience. Using social media, you could also make them aware about new offerings and help solve issues regarding your venture. Content marketing is great because through great content, you can reach a huge yet targeted group in no time.

ii) Captivating visuals and infographics

Captivating and well made videos and inforgraphics along with well-tailored content is bound to boost traffic on your website or social media page. However, it is very easy to go wrong while using this method. So, some rules you need to keep in mind are:
– Post relevant videos or visuals.
– Back your infographics with data
– Keep them short and simple
– Make them interesting
– Keep posting visuals at regular intervals

iii) Built in sharing

Keep sharing your content; you can’t post and hope that your customers find your content. You need to have a built in sharing provision and share good content on all social media platforms for maximum reach.
You could also have guest posts and social media influencers sharing your content for more reach.

These methods are bound to make the customers aware about you venture and once they know of it, they will be hooked if you can follow the steps effectively.

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2. Build engagement with your target audience

You need to accept the fact that customers won’t buy stuff immediately after knowing or reading about something. Hence, it is important to engage them. E-mail is still an effective way to reach out to customers. You can send the target group e-mails about offers, discounts, what’s new and good deals. This will force them to visit your site and they will learn more. However, make sure you don’t bombard their inbox with e-mails because that is plain annoying and they might get frustrated.

Sending messages via SMS or WhatsApp is also a good technique to keep customers posted about what is happening.

All websites follow this insanely effective trick. Amazon.in sends you sale details, Nykaa.com sends you promo codes via e-mail and FoodPanda uses SMSes to make you aware about new offers.

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3. Acquire customers and maintain them.

Most entrepreneurs make a crucial mistake of acquiring a huge customer base and then ignoring them. This leads to a customer feeling neglected and might turn out to be the reason why s/he switches from your brand to a different one.

Build CRM automation to keep them loyal. For instance, if they are dormant, poke them with new offers and discounts or if they’ve used your product, try and seek a review.

If growth hacking technologies are applied correctly, they can do wonders for your business.

Image Credit: steamfeed.com