Ankita Kumawat, an IIM grad, quit her high paying job to adopt organic farming


A very large part of the youth while chasing at the white-collared jobs forget about the Indian backbone of economy-farming. And while Ankita Kumawat has proved it wrong. After her post-graduation in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management of Calcutta in 2009, she started working with the companies until 2014 when she came back to her native Ajmer and adopting farming as her profession.

She felt it to be her duty and moral responsibility to look after the family business which was started by her father. Though her parents were government employees they started the dairy business after taking voluntary retirement.

While the various sectors were observing huge growth, the farming sector was losing its shine. Ankita decided to use the latest technologies in farming for the operation of the activities and taking it to new heights. She introduced the “Maatratav dairy and Organic food” as an attempt to get into organic farming.

Leaving a palatial and well-settled job, Ankita chose to become a full-time farmer, being the first-generation entrepreneur. She feels very proud to be an entrepreneur and instead of working under someone else she now provides job opportunities to various people.

In the starting days, they earned very little revenue and she had to pitch in money from her own pocket. She never once lost hope and believed that one must put in a minimum of 1000 days of hard work to achieve the desired results.

Breaking the standard pattern, she brought in organic farming and also started the home-delivery of dairy products. She started selling organic vegetables, flour, spices, honey, and grains, etc. and all of these products were home delivered, and very soon her business started to spread.

She says that the real challenge was to make her customers aware of how different their approach was towards farming and how were their products different from theirs. She says that it wasn’t a cakewalk to explain to the rural people about this who hardly cared about the quality or the way the products were manufactured.

She also believes that organic farming has huge potential as various brands have started to associate themselves with solar energy and various non-conventional methods and their future also seems to look bright.