3 important qualities to hike sales results for your startup

With everything necessary in place, sales need to boom for a business to become more successful. All startups, companies, brands and services hope to increase sales for higher profits. For higher sales, people invest relentlessly in marketing and social media which are undoubtedly important, but, tend to miss out on more important qualities. However, there are certain qualities which are very important if one wants to increase sales:

1. Flexibility

A startup needs to display an easy-to-work-with nature which is very necessary for the company to grow. If people find your product or service to be flexible, they’re more likely to buy from you. A customer can make out through the services offered if his money and time is worth the investment by the sales pitch that is made to them.

For instance, Ola offers night-time services during peak hours with a nominal added charge which displays their flexibility in timing while offering you varied services.

2. Integrity and good-natured people often take the cake

Customers will prefer a good-natured startup over one which refuses to interact at all. They find it easier to adapt to a brand which is friendly and jolly. Also, integrity is very important to the customer. In case, a sales person is unable to address a query, the customer is not very willing to buy a brand the employees are unsure of. Customers also believe committed people are more likely to provide better after-sales and customer services.

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3. Patience

If you’ve set up a startup today, you can’t expect it to bear you fruits the next day. You need to be patient and willing to wait for customers to pour in and word of mouth to build slowly. In that time, you should apply a pull strategy to try and pull your target group towards your offering. Also, an entrepreneur should make sure to know how to deal with a detour or a roadblock and get back on track in no time.

Example: Sale of Maggi was banned; as soon as it was re-launched, Nestle’s PR team did a brilliant job to push sales and the results were evident.

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