4 Lessons an entrepreneur can learn from Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year

Lessons an entrepreneur can learn from Rocket Singh

Rocket Singh: salesman of the year released in 2009 and as the title suggests, it had a lot of lessons that a budding entrepreneur could learn about sales. Other than that, the movie which starred Ranbir Kapoor and Gauhar Khan had certain lessons for entrepreneurs. Since movies are an entertaining yet informative way to gain knowledge, this movie is a must watch for all budding entrepreneurs.

A lot of people focus more on marketing and forget to focus on sales which can lead to the downfall of the company. This movie reminded us why it is important to focus on sales as well because that’s how profits are generated.

4 lessons every entrepreneur can learn from the movie are:

1. Be dedicated to your cause

Harpreet Singh, the protagonist in the movie was totally dedicated to his cause of opening a computer repair company which worked 24*7. He worked day and night without deterring from his final goal. He knew what he wanted to achieve could be possible only if he was committed. Similarly, an entrepreneur needs to be dedicated to his cause and work relentlessly even if it means letting go of things like parties, personal life, sleep etc because that is how a company can actually succeed.

2. Recruit smartly

Harpreet was a smart entrepreneur because he didn’t recruit people on the basis of fancy degrees or a filled CV. Instead, he observed their capabilities and analysed who could be beneficial to his team. Even though he wasn’t fond of his boss, Nitin, he recruited him because he knew Nitin was an experienced salesman and would prove to be an asset for the company. In the same way, an entrepreneur should be able to judge a person carefully and analyse his worth in the company. Quality over quantity in terms of skills should be given preference.

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3. Don’t be afraid to take risks

The risks taken in the movie were extreme but not once did Harpreet Singh think about not taking them because he knew those risks were crucial for his company. He had to hide his venture from his boss and work at night and use AVS lines to carry on his business. These aren’t every ethical means, but he needed to do those to actually succeed in his business. In the same way, an entrepreneur can’t shy away from taking risks as it forms a major chunk of his job some risks might work out while some may not, but, this doesn’t mean that an entrepreneur will not take any. However, the risks being taken by an entrepreneur need to calculated ones.

4. Satisfy your customers

The business exists for the customer and not the other way round which is why it is very important to satisfy the customers. Harpreet Singh demonstrated this very well in the movie as his sales team focused on after sales services very well and offered services at lower prices which made the customers happy. The 24*7 prompt services were why people turned to Rocket Singh.

Similarly, in real life if you want your company to make profits by engaging customers on repeat purchases, you need to satisfy them through your product. If something goes wrong from your side, step up and accept responsibility immediately. This will help you win loyalty and respect of the customer.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, go ahead and watch it for all that it can teach you about sales, corporate life and the real world.

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