6 Inbound marketing strategies every startup could adopt

Inbound marketing strategies have gained popularity over the years as they are less expensive, hold a wider range of benefits and are estimated to generate a higher rate of return. Inbound marketing deals with providing value to the customers.

Some in-bound marketing strategies every start-up could adopt are:

1. On-site content marketing

Engaging your customers through on-site content marketing is a great option as you provide the customers with fresh and informative content on your own website. If you could provide the readers with high-quality original and detailed content which is informative yet interest them, it could go a long way in maximising client retention. It also gains an entrepreneur enough hits on social media and boosts SEO rankings. With growing market for content, this is definitely an opportunity which should be tapped by all budding marketers.

2. Search engine optimization tools (SEO)

SEO aspires to feature your start-up on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. SEO tools are every start-up’s dream come true as a start-up can gain great visibility and publicity through organic (unpaid) methods. Some popular SEO tools every start-up should be using are Followerwonk, Wordstream, Copyscape, URI valet, Ubersuggest and Facebook pages. A start-up should also venture into more complex SEO tools for optimization of apps and to target keyword phrases in latter stages.

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3. Off-site content marketing

Off-site content marketing is huge these days. It means publishing your content in other spaces other than your own website. Well-written and informative content in famous blogs and media publishing forums can help you gain visibility among a new set of people. Also, if the traffic garnered is good, your content is likely to be picked up by big media houses which is a dream come true for every start-up.

4. Social media marketing

Even though organic social media gives you a fair share of visibility, SMM is definitely the way to go in order to make more people aware of your venture. This is done with the help of inorganic (paid) tools through social media and aspires to gain visibility and a loyal audience. The power of social media is huge and can make or break your brand and it is thus important to use these tools carefully for a positive outcome. Facebook ads is a very good example of how powerful social media can actually be.

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5. Personal branding and influencer marketing

Using influential people for personal branding is a very clever strategy and works well when one has to promote an idea quickly and effectively. For instance, Jabong has tied up with Alia Bhatt to promote a few of their collections.
The influential person plays a crucial role in reaching out to the audience via social media/advertisements and helps to garner more response. However, it is very important to choose a person who resonates your brand image without which the whole idea could go for a toss.

6. Maintaining tends and analytics

Almost all companies log onto Google Analytics to find out where they are currently positioned. Keeping a tab over analytics also allows the marketer to keep a close watch over the competitors and adopt new marketing strategies. Google Trends helps the marketer to gain a fair idea about the changing trends in the current market.

All in-bound strategies working together can help to gain positive response for your company. Also, these strategies could help a budding entrepreneur to achieve success very early after setting up his venture.

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