8 Start-up ideas for Indian entrepreneurs

Startup ideas for Indian entrepreneurs c

To become successful, all an entrepreneur needs is a great idea and a set of skills which needs to employ to make the idea work. However, sometimes entrepreneurs need to find inspiration to start their own venture. This list consists of some ideas which are bound to do well in the Indian market because of lack of market leaders or depending upon the needs of people with changing times.

1. Home-based food services

The concept of dabbas and tiffins have existed for decades together. This idea has huge scope because the youth of India works longs hours and majority want “ghar ka khaana” when they come back home after a tiring day at work. You can choose your domain to work in- individuals, organisations or local businesses. The investment is pretty low because there is not much inventory required and the scope of this business doing well in metropolitan cities is very high.

2. Online courses

If you’re proficient with some software, coding language or foreign language, you can easily offer an online course to people who need it. The most effective solution would be to offer them with a well structured course they can avail at any time of the day depending upon convenience. In India, because people want to learn separate courses than the ones they are learning, this is bound to work.

For instance, VFX is in demand, so one can hire a VFX specialist and record his lectures and offer it to people who want to learn VFX.

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3. Cleaning services

With long hours of work, people hardly have the time to clean every nook and corner of their house. On one day of relaxation, they prefer to relax than haggle with the maid. An entrepreneur can turn these shortcomings into opportunities and provide people with trusted domestic assistance on an hourly basis. This is a new concept which is bound to garner attention in Tier-I and Tier-II cities.

4. Virtual assistant

The concept of having a virtual assistant to pay bills, organise tasks for the day, set reminders, reply to emails etc, is steadily catching up worldwide. This concept is relatively unexplored in India and has huge potential to click with the growing working population. All an entrepreneur needs for starters is a laptop and a good website with basic understanding of the virtual world of administration.

5. T-shirt printing

With organisations, corporate, schools and colleges constantly looking for vendors to print and design t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel in bulk, this could be your ticket to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This industry is slowly catching up and is bound to become big in the future. Some market players like Souled store and VX are already doing this. SO, if you can offer similar services at cheaper rates, you could mint money in no time.

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6. Laundry services

Stressing on the fact that people do not have enough time to take out from their jobs to actually do laundry, they will be glad to give their dirty clothes to a laundry service and shell out some bucks to have it washed properly and ironed. For better sales, you could also introduce a pick-up and drop service. This is bound to be a hit with students and working youth alike.

7. Professional essay and SOP writer

If you have the writing skills and want to make money out of it, the best way to do that is by becoming a professional essay and SOP writer for people applying for college or jobs. Parents will be willing to pay tons to get their kids help from professionals for college and you could easily turn a forte into a money making business.

8. Pet clothing and accessories

With the pet industry booming and second after the infant care industry, a creative designer could explore this field and yield maximum benefits. One could design and customise dog-collars, beds, clothes, dog tags, grooming kits; the list is endless. The customisation offered will make the pet owner feel exclusive and this start-up is bound to do well in a country where pets are being celebrated. One has various sales channels for this venture- online, pet shops or sell at wholesale rates to pet owners and then expand the market from there.

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