UDo App Lets Experts Work From Home

Udo app

UDo is a mobile app which helps people get connected to experts and seek expert advice related to problems he or she may be facing. It is a platform that allows users to get advice on various subjects from experts through videos and audios and lets experts make money for consultation.

It has seen a steady increase in downloads and usage. In fact, the app’s updated version has been launched as well. Moreover, UDo saw over 20,000 downloads and more than 300 experts under 13 who signed up within three weeks and are also making money by working from home.

It lets users connect to thousands of experts through video or audio calls in over a hundred categories.

With the help of this platform a student can teach guitar and make pocket money, a housewife can teach cooking, or even an information technology professional can help in trouble shooting, and of course make money.

There are several coaches along with freelancer trainers who have been using the app to consult users and make money, as per Teja Gudluru, founder, UDo. The name UDo is a colloquial abbreviation for ‘you do’. There are times when one requires an adviser or a mentor. UDo can be a partner for all occasions by providing the necessary information.

As a platform, it can benefit users who need help, experts who have time to spare and companies who are looking for specific databases,” added Gudluru. Gudluru claims there are no apps available that help people monetise their events and be able to broadcast them live.

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