WEFT helping women set up and scale their businesses

WEFT Iti rawat

Woman Entrepreneurs for Transformation (WEFT) created by Iti Rawat is a not-for-profit organisation to provide support and a networking platform for women entrepreneurs

With WEFT, Iti is able to aid women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

“There are not enough incubators dedicated to women. Venture capitalists and investors see them from gender-biased lenses; they are not given equal opportunities. They are also expected to take care of the household and look after their children while running their startups, whereas their male counterparts are expected to only take care of their business,” she explains. 

Started in August 2018, WEFT has over 1,000 women entrepreneurs in its network. 

WEFT organises events such as open mics, speak-up events, marketing events, and pitching competitions to help entrepreneurs get funding and network with investors and like-minded people for growth opportunities. It also helps them build a network of clients, referrals, and vendors, and share their ideas and resources

Apart from events, WEFT highlights and recognises women entrepreneurs through video blogs and series, and awards and recognition. 

Women entrepreneurs can become a member of the network by paying an annual membership of Rs 5,000, and access to all the resources, events and opportunities provided by WEFT. 

“We are working towards a sustainable development goal of 50:50 gender equality in startups. This will take all-round development, starting from awareness building to recognition and rewards,” Iti says. 

Iti was awarded the ‘Social Leader of the Year’ award by the Indian Business Women group in 2019. 

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