Online Services: Helpful During Coronavirus Pandemic In India

How online services are helpful

The e-commerce and online grocery delivery service have become a key sector in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic in India.

As people have been locked down in their homes due to the government’s order, the delivery of essential goods has been allowed by the government.

Some of the companies whose businesses are expected to boom during the period have witnessed a mountain of orders.

How are online services helpful during this pandemic?

Online Groceries

With the help of online grocery app, people can avoid going out to crowded places and avoid the risk of getting infected.

Open the app, select the products you want to buy, add them to cart and order them. The online grocery app also allows you to pay online through debit or credit card or any Unified Payment Interface (UPI) smartphone application.

Online Fuel Delivery

Nowadays, people can also get their fuel tank full sitting right at the comfort of their couch.

All you need to do is, open the app, select the type and quantity of the fuel and place your order.

Online Doctors’ Consultation

There are several patients suffering from other medical conditions apart from the virus who need continuous consultation to keep their treatment on track.

However, most of the doctors are not willing to take the risk of treating patients during this serious situation. The same goes for patients as they are also not willing to visit hospitals and clinics due to the pandemic.

In these scenarios, online consultation with regular doctors can help people continue their treatment without any hassle.

Just make a video call to your doctor, consult them, get an online prescription of the medicines and get your supplies.

Online Medicines

There are telemedicine apps to help you get medicines delivered at your doorsteps.

Get an on-demand medicine delivery app from Google Play Store or Apple app store on your phone. Enter the name of the medicines that the doctor has prescribed with the quantity and place your order.

Online Plumber Booking

There are apps that allow you to call plumbers on-demand and solve your plumbing issues.

Just open the app, choose the service you are looking for, and book a specialist. You can either pay them online or pay cash after completion of the service.

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