This Ola driver in Indore offers free rides and foods during Lockdown

It is a gift when you find aid in an emergency. It is blissful when you become an aid for someone. Anil Yadav, Ola driver, is such an example.

The story begins like this.

During the lockdown, when the streets of Indore were empty and desolate due to strict stay at home norms, a 32-year-old teacher came out of her house without thinking twice as her son was in an urgent need of aid and her husband was locked in another city.

Fortunately, she landed in Anil Yadav’s cab, a 28 yr. old Ola cab driver., Who knew every street of Indore very keenly and ferrying passengers for 3 years. Anil drove the cab swiftly to a nearby hospital, scrambled around to get the medicines, and dropped them to their home.

As soon as he reached his home around 3 am, he again received a call from the same teacher and asking him to take them back to the hospital as the condition of her son was deteriorating. That day, Anil’s duty got over at 7:30 am.

For the Chhota Bangarda Indore resident, the incident wasn’t new. Often, Anil has gone beyond his call of duty in order to help people. Ever since the coronavirus lockdown has imposed, Anil has been providing medical transportation to needy people, many times they get free of cost ride.

Anil has been emphasized by people whose belongings need urgent medical attention and so he is always ready to help them above and beyond everything.

He expressed, “I realised that with my cab, I had the opportunity to help the people of my hometown. Through our community I let as many people know what I was doing. Nothing gives me more pleasure than serving the Indoris that I have grown up with. Not only do I help people in getting them to hospitals, but I also help them by delivering medicines to their doorsteps.”

An altruistic chauffeur

Presently, Anil has completed his 200 rides in 45 days in order to provide food, medicines, and help people. When Anil realized that a lot of people got affected abruptly by this lockdown, then he took an initiative to distribute food and groceries to daily wage workers, migrants, and the impoverished.

From Ola’s emergency driver-partner, Anil has been drawing Rs. 30,000 to meet ends. The emergency cab rides are a way for him to give back to society.

Anil said, “The acknowledgment of the passengers towards my service is the biggest motivation. Ever since the lockdown started there has not been a single ride where the passenger and I haven’t inquired about each other’s health.”

He further added, “It feels extremely satisfying when people appreciate the service I am providing, as they realize that we are also risking our as well as our family’s safety by opting to cater to others’ urgent needs for transportation. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that I continue to cherish.”

Philanthropy in need

Anil works for 12 hours daily and then he sanitizes his cab from outside to inside. He believed that he can be a helpful hand for people, so he dedicatedly serves people to get a peaceful sleep at night.

Ola too praised Anil for his initiative and efforts during the pandemic situation. The spokesperson of Ola said, “While all our driver-partners are receiving widespread adulation for their selfless services, Anil is among those drivers who have gone above and beyond their duties, which further ratifies our decision of making him an Ola Emergency driver-partner.”

For the last two months, there are many such stories of benevolent beings have come out. The moral we get from them is that no act of kindness is neither small nor deadwood.

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