Here is what Indian entrepreneurs have to say regarding scrapping of H-1 B Visa by Donald Trump

H-1B visa Ban

On Monday, US President Donald Trump made an announcement for the suspension of H-1B, L-1, and other temporary work permits to aid US resident workers who are facing critical unemployment.

On this move of his, many stakeholders in the Indian tech and startup ecosystem have shown their reactions.

So, here is glance of their expressions about this move:

Amrish Rau – CEO of Pine Labs:

Amrish believes that Trump could act as the fuel for Indian Tech Sector.

He tweeted, “Murthi, Ramdorai, Premji and Nilekani were the catalyst of first wave in Indian Software. Trump might be the catalyst for the second wave in Indian tech.”

Hemant Mohapatra – Partner of Lightspeed India:

Mohapatra called professionals back to India in order to yield local startups.

He tweeted, “Since last night received two emails from friends at companies like Google about returning to India. This feels different. People are sick of the uncertainty; ban was a personal betrayal. Indian startups pay well (some roles are at bay area salaries) and do very exciting work. COME HOME AND BUILD!”

Ash Lilani – Managing Partner of Saama Capital

Lilani believes the innovation and discoveries have come from immigrants which take US economy at a high. He called this move a ‘short sighted’.

He tweeted, “Unfortunate decision by DonaldTrump today on visas. So much of the innovation that has driven the US economy and made it a global powerhouse has come from immigrants. They have been contributors to society and paid their taxes. Very short-sighted.”

Anu Hariharan – Partner in Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund

Anu has provided advice through the series of her tweets for the students who are in expectations of getting H-1B visa. She assured that there is always hope and more opportunities to learn despite receiving disappointing news.

Debjani Ghosh – President of Nasscom

Ghosh calls this a bad move for an economy and innovation of US. He mocks over the recovery of US that is going to be a great challenge for the country.

He tweeted, “This is especially bad for the US economy and innovation…that too at a time when the US should be doing all it can to build back the economy. Recovery without access to talent is going to be an uphill challenge.”

Kunal Bahl – CEO of Snapdeal

Kunal considers India a land of opportunities. He expressed that he wasn’t regretful when his H-1B Visa got rejected 13 years ago.

Rahul Ganjoo – VP Product of Zomato

Rahul made himself accessible for the Desi folks who are returning back from US after H-1B Visa ban. He is trying to boost up the sentiments of the folks and to believe that India has tons of opportunities.

He tweeted, “Cross-posting from LI here – anyone in the US exploring a move back to India in view of the H1b ban – pls feel to reach out. Happy to help in any way I can.

Vaibhav Agrawal, Partner in Lightspeed India

He tweeted, “I moved Valley—> India due to a personal situation outside my control. It SUCKED to wrap up my startup abruptly. 4Y later: 1) Joined the incredible team at LightspeedIndia 2) at Reliance Jio wave 3) Backed amazing return-founders e.g. Acharya amrit at zetwerk. When life gives you lemons!”

Bipin Preet Singh – CEO of Mobikwik

Bipin believes in building India and building for the world.

Pravin Jadhav – Ex-CEO of Paytm Money

Pravin tweeted,


Many US startup ideas came to India.


Many Chinese startup ideas came to India.

2020 onwards:

Indian startup ideas are going to take on the world. Already seeing few going to South East Asia, more will happen.”

Mona Gandhi – Founder of Upraised

Mona believes that Trump with his H-1B decision will definitely help Canada to succeed.

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