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Things I learned from my first startup failure

7 Things I learned from my first startup failure

People say ‘Startup is like jumping off the cliff and then building a parachute before you hit the ground’. In our case, we did jump off the cliff but didn’t bring the tools to build the parachute.

3 Entrepreneurs who proved that entrepreneurship after 40s isn’t too late

Entrepreneurship is a journey and not a race. It doesn’t matter how young or how old an entrepreneur is; what matters is the ability to run a business smoothly, build a passionate team, judiciously handle investments, deliver value to the customers and sustain the momentum.

Life of an entrepreneur in 90 seconds – best motivational video for entrepreneurs

Sometimes it's what most don't see that makes a successful entrepreneur but in the end, your success will speak for itself.

How Starbucks CEO transformed a small coffee bean store into a massively successful worldwide...

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is a true radical and visionary for leadership and business acumen. Here are five lessons we can take away from this leader.

Sacrifices entrepreneurs make for their startups

The sacrifices that an entrepreneur has to make to let his work speak for himself and his venture are not known to many.

8 Qualities of a startup CEO

What makes some startup CEO great achievers for their organization? Are company founders best suited to be the CEO of the startup?

5 simple steps to motivate employees in a startup

Check out five simple ways to make sure that your workforce is happy to help whenever it counts.

Lessons from my 2 years of startup life!

Getting high with lots of ideas? Had many night outs discussing business plans and ideas with friends? Aspiring to startup something?

From a delivery boy to an entrepreneur, following his passion relentlessly

In April 2015, Monkvyasa had 15 astrologers on its platform and began with close to 22 consultations in a month. Today, it has 25 astrologers on board and provides over 22 consultations in a day.

3 Reasons why every entrepreneur needs to invest in their love life

Entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on business in the startup phase. Making your love relationship a priority will bring greater emotional and financial success to your overall life more than anything else you could do for yourself.

How can entrepreneurs improve their personal relationships?

How do you manage your own personal relationships? Have you had any conflict with your spouse, family member or close friend because of your entrepreneurial spirit?

How entrepreneurs are risking their health?

Entrepreneurs have enough risk to deal with; credit risk, cash flow risk, market risk. Make sure not to let good health be one of the things risked

The 3 worst negotiation mistakes young entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them

Here are the top three reasons you’re failing as a negotiator, and how to overcome them.

10 Ways to become a millionaire in 20s

Here are some steps to follow in order to start your journey towards becoming a millionaire.