5 simple steps to motivate employees in a startup

A happy and motivated employee is a key to the success of a startup. While you may think that ideating and innovating is the only way to get ahead in the race, the driving force of your success are the employees behind the invisible wheel.

If your employee is not satisfied and driven enough, there are chances that your startup may be the one of those lost names that could never make it to the top. The idea is to make sure that the ones who work in your startup have a vision and are ready to do all that it takes to make things go in the right direction. Check out five simple ways to make sure that your workforce is happy to help whenever it counts.

Tiny Rewards

While you may not be able to give your employees a whopping bonus or something huge to appreciate what has been done but it is the little things that count in a startup. Instead of going the big way, simply give them a shopping coupon, a restaurant reservation, a couple of movie tickets or a simple visit to the coffee house as a way to say thanks for all their efforts. You will see the method doing wonders in no time.

Make it Count

If you have a set of employees working in a particular department, let them know they have been working hard. Measure their success and make it visible. Use your notice board to make the star performer know that some great job has been done. Not only will it make that particular employee feel great about themselves but others will also feel motivated enough to make it to the top the next time.

Training Incentives

While your employees may have been working way too hard to make everything right, sometimes all they need is a little outside help to make them do things in the best possible way. For instance, send your employees on training and workshops related to their fields. Send them to events and conferences where they can learn a thing or two; it is only for the company’s good.

Work and Play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, this stands true in the case of startups as well. While it may not be possible for you to add in a few gaming gears at your workplace, but just a little bit of fun time wouldn’t do any harm. Arrange a movie night or a drinks night and let your employees know that you want them to have a tad bit of fun as well.


If you need to make sure that your workforce stays motivated enough, post their work online. A small trick like this may make your employee feel what their worth is and will help them grow individually and on the whole as well. Go ahead and take a video of them doing their best work and post it on YouTube. You can even post pictures on social media sites letting the world know how amazing your employees are. You will see how happy and motivated they get after seeing their work being appreciated by others as well.

Image credit: expertbeacon.com

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