Cleantech startup ‘OxyGarden’ is making sanitisers to purify indoor air

OxyGarden purify indoor air

After over two years of prototyping and testing, OxyGarden has launched its first commercial product ‘Forest’. OxyGarden, a Gurugram-based cleantech startup has been developing air sanitisers for indoor usage.

The newbie product ‘Forest’ purifies and humidifies indoor air naturally. It removes viruses, bacteria, dust particles, and harmful chemical pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., in an enclosed space. Along with producing 700 litres of oxygen everyday day, Forest also reduces carbon emissions, as well as maintains an optimum level (40 percent to 60 percent RH) of Indoor Air Quality.

OxyGarden was founded Abhishek, who holds a mechanical engineering degree. He stated that he always wanted the air inside his room to be a 100% clean, however there wasn’t any such product available in the market.

Forest weighs 30 kilograms, and comes with a metal frame that fits easily in a 1.2 square feet area. It can either be hung on walls or placed on the ground.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, which has generally caused a slowdown in sales, the company is expecting to sell around 11,000 units and clock sales of about Rs 40 crore in FY21. The startup has already roped in a few B2B customers, including Larsen & Toubro, a few hotel chains, B-schools, appliance rental companies, and online retailers.

OxyGarden has been succesful in developing a patent-pending technology, which induces controlled photosynthesis in plants with the help of automated airflows and artificial light sources.

It can prove quite useful in recent times as people are looking for healthcare products to prevent themselves from coronavirus.

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