Better and Faster – How to streamline your hiring process

streamline your hiring process

Hiring new employees doesn’t always have to be a long, drawn-out process. With the right methods, you can streamline the hiring process and get the new employees that you need to fill empty positions in your company. Following these four tips can help streamline the hiring process.

Write Detailed Job Descriptions

The more details a job description has, the easier it will be to filter out prospective applicants who aren’t qualified for the position. Each job description that you write should have detailed information about the specific job duties of the position and the required experience that a candidate is expected to have. Using a pre-written job description template can make it easier for you to include all the pertinent information in the job post so that nothing important is omitted.

Perform Background Checks

A background check can let you know if a particular applicant has been honest with you about their history. The background report that you receive can show whether a person has any criminal history that might disqualify them from the job position that you’re trying to fill. Previous job history can also be reviewed with the information that you receive from a background check. You might also be able to perform a credit check on each applicant if state law allows.

Prescreen Candidates

Prescreening candidates with short phone interviews or through an online conferencing program will make scheduling face-to-face interviews with only the most qualified applicants easier. Asking questions about education, job experience and whether or not a jobseeker has ever used professional certification software can streamline the hiring process. You can also send an email to each applicant that contains a series of five to ten questions that relate to the position and only invite the candidates whose answers you like the best for in-person interviews.

Use a Computerized Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems make it possible to store applicant information on a business computer network so that the data can be stored better and will be easier to review. The best systems simplify the process of scanning resumes and identifying key pieces of information that could make a particular applicant more or less desirable for the position. A tracking system can be used to create and send out job offers to qualified candidates. Employee referrals can also be tracked better with the right system.

Hiring everyone that you need for your team can possibly be done sooner than you think. These methods for streamlining hiring can take a lot of the time, frustration and guesswork out of the process.

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