Ways to Make Your Lobby More Comfortable for Clients

Ways to Make Your Lobby More Comfortable for Clients

Inviting clients into an unwelcome office can lead to a negative first impression, potentially bad for business. One of the first steps you can take to make the space more inviting and pleasant includes updating furniture such as chair and table hire, keeping temperatures enjoyable, providing refreshments, and more. Below are some tips you should consider to prevent clients from stepping into an uncomfortable lobby.

Offer Refreshments

Clients may want a drink of water to cool down on days with warm temperatures or some hot tea in the cooler months. Regardless of their preferences, it is best to have the options available at all times. Simple refreshments could be beneficial to someone who didn’t have time to stop by a store or café before their appointment; however, receiving the refreshments will make visitors feel valued and your company more considerate.

Comfortable Chairs

Remember that clients are likely to arrive early and have to sit in the lobby until their appointment. In some instances, your previous meetings may run over, causing the clients to sit for a bit longer. In these instances, you want to ensure that your guests have somewhere comfortable to sit, and older, unkempt chairs or couches are a terrible idea. Keep in mind that some of these clients could think the way your office furniture suits guests is how you focus on developing your products and services, and when poorly, they may refuse to do business with you now or in the future.

Deep Cleaning

When clients walk into the lobby, they should go into a clean space that is safe for their physical health. Although you cannot control specific issues, especially those caused by other people, you can take precautions and clean the area thoroughly. The steps you take should eliminate odors, mildews, treat smoking smells caused by other guests, viral loads caused by coughs, sneezes, and more. With deep cleaning and products like those from NuVinAir, you can disinfect your lobby and keep clients comfortable.

Attentive Front Desk Staff

Walking into the lobby and being greeted with a warm smile and positive attitude could make your clients feel welcome. When you hire a front desk staff member, it would be good to choose someone attentive, positive, and able to deal with large crowds and challenging situations, such as rude visitors. However, make sure your staff knows that they can report unacceptable behavior; just as they should be respectful, so should the individuals who enter the lobby. Everyone should feel comfortable.

The first time to make an impression on clients is when they walk into your lobby. Therefore, it is beneficial to use the tips mentioned above to help clients feel comfortable.