How to Hold More Visually Engaging Company and Business Meetings

make your next client meeting the most successful yet

Meetings are a crucial part of communication with both employees and clients alike in your business. However, they can also be opportunities for people who you want to listen to mentally check out. Knowing how to hold company and business meetings that are visually engaging will prevent this and make you more effective at communication.

Know Your Message

In order to find the right visuals for your meetings, you need to know what your message is. A very simple part of any messaging is going to be theme or mood, and you don’t want to choose imagery that conflicts with this. For instance, if you need to hold a meeting where you might be announcing layoffs, then images of sunshine, puppies, and rainbows might backfire hard. Yet, they could work if you’re rolling out an initiative that will hopefully spring your company into new success.

Know Your Audience

How well do you know your employees and clients? If you can do subtle market research that finds out their favorite colors, or at least the ones they respond well to, then you might choose two or three primary colors for your visual presentation to connect with them on a fundamental psychological level.


Professional help, such as the experts at AVEX, are useful resources to hire if you want your meetings to make a real impact. Doing everything in-house might seem appealing if you want to save money, but this is more of an investment than a cost. A business that can truly convey its narrative to those who are listening will wind up growing its success.

Test Run Your Content

Once you have at least a basic version of your multimedia meeting content ready, test-run it with a sample audience. Get feedback from relevant individuals about how engaging it was, and ask them what the message was. At the least, they should be able to recite the gist of it back to you. You should judge your success based on their personal attention during the content but also their body language afterward.

Your Employees and Clients Are Tech-Savvy

Your current employees and business clients are pretty savvy when it comes to modern technology. They might not know how to hold company and business meetings that are more visually engaging, but they’ll certainly know when you put in the serious effort or not. Don’t let them down, and they’ll respond well to your messaging.