7 Effective tips for maintaining work-life balance while WFH

work-life balance

The COVID-19 pandemic is a significant life-changing experience for every person, be it the kids or the working professionals. There’s a constant struggle to adapt and move forward with the ongoing changes in the surroundings. If you’re a working professional who’s stuck in the work-from-home scenario, maintaining work-life balance is an even more difficult task. You need to sit back, plan your day, and execute the plans to the maximum. Also, try to incorporate relaxing habits like exercises and morning routines to curb work-related stress.

Here are the top ways to transform your work-from-home schedule into a relaxing and productive one.

1.  Practice A Morning Routine

One of the best ways to unwind and start your day on a positive note is through a morning routine. You must kickstart the day with a few activities that you love. It could be journaling your thoughts or simply gazing at the sun during the early morning hours. With the rejuvenating morning routine, you can stay away from stress, anxiety, and constant shifts in the mood. Also, it sets a relaxing tune for the work-grind that may accompany throughout the day. Some effective ways to start your morning are coffee rituals, cold showers, or a few minutes of yoga under the sun.

2.  Make A Home Office

Another easy and effective tip for maintaining the work-life balance is by designating a full-fledged workspace. While working from home, the usual house chores and activities may distract you often. With a peaceful and separate workspace, you can focus on the task at hand and relax later. Also, keep in mind to work at the space assigned and leave it as soon as you sign off from work. Not only will it train your mind to focus while in the workspace, but it also allows you to relax during non-working hours.

3.  Stick To Healthy Snacking

Nutrition is the key to focus and stimulate your mind during working hours. You must provide your brain cells with the right kind of food while working. Also, try to replace the sugar-laden snacks with some healthy alternatives like fruits and juices. Some nutritious snacks to curb mid-meal hunger are herbal teas, roasted nuts, and protein bars. You can use cbd tinctures, as there are many benefits of CBD tincture like calming and relaxing effects to prepare the rejuvenating herbal tea at home. It may help you focus on work and relax during non-working hours.

4.  Get Moving Often

The workout routine is yet another way to develop a work-life balance and recharge your body daily. You must take out at least 30 minutes either before or after work to do some workout or physical training. Also, try to designate a specific time of the day to your workout schedule for maximum benefits. It may promote a healthy immune response, boost your metabolism, and curb mental health issues. Not to forget, you are less likely to gain extra pounds with a full-fledged exercise routine. It evokes a sense of accomplishment and creates a thin line between your work and personal life.

5.  Create A Work Schedule

Most people overlook the importance of creating specific work hours and keeping the rest for personal leisure. If you wish to keep your professional and personal life separate, you must devote only a specific part of your day to work. It keeps your sanity intact and provides some time for socializing with your loved ones. Also, you can relax and recharge for the next day during the rest of the hours. Try to plan out specific hours for different to-dos and stick to them no matter what.

6.  Make Time For Self-Care

Working for the entire day without significant breaks might affect your mental health up to a great extent. Also, the long hours you spend on your laptop may affect your health and lead to persistent headaches. After you get done with your working hours, try to practice some self-care activities. It could be anything from a nourishing skin-care routine to sitting down with a relaxing podcast like Better Than Yesterday that will help to calm your nerves down. For the days when you can’t think of any specific activity, just head out for a long drive with your partner. Not only will it give you some extra time to relax, but it also strengthens your relationships.

7.  Prepare Your Food 

While working from home, you may end up ordering food way more than usual. It exposes you to a risk of infection and compromises the daily nutritional requirements of your body. Instead of relying on food delivery, you must prepare your food. It gives you some extra time off work and provides an opportunity to showcase your creativity. Try to create the right blend of taste and as well as nutrients and prepare healthy meals. Some options to try during work-from-home are pesto pasta, hummus bowl, and lentil soup.

Final Verdict

With the coronavirus pandemic around the corner, maintaining the work-life balance may seem like a daunting task. Work-from-home might affect your mental health in case you end up working all day long. While getting things done from home, you must create a thin line between professional and personal life. Start by designating a specific workspace for office hours. Also, you can begin the day with a morning routine that doesn’t revolve around your work. Try to create an exercise routine and prepare your lunch in between the working hours. Such small steps may prove to be effective in reducing work stress and enhancing productivity.