6 ways to become a mentally strong person

It is a known fact that an entrepreneur doesn’t have it easy. Amidst the kaleidoscope of risk-taking, organising, managing and constantly innovating, it is very common for an entrepreneur to have a mental breakdown. However, an entrepreneur to keep pushing forward and achieving his goal further needs to be a very mentally tough person.

Climbing the corporate ladder and still looking after a team might seem taxing but the fruits achieved out of the hard labour are definitely rewarding.

Here are a few ways in which one can become a mentally strong person:

1. Be happy for others

“Dost first aaye toh bahut dukh hota hai”, stands true for the Indian crowd. It is very easy to envy and rant about co-workers who are doing well for themselves. But, this kind of attitude is just unhealthy and is getting you nowhere. Competition is a reality and to get to the winning spot, you need to work harder than before. The more you hate people, the more negativity you preach.

Also, try and congratulate your peers on their success and learn the tricks of trade from them. Their mistakes could teach you a lot about business.

2. Learn to give feedback to yourself

Don’t wait for validation from others regarding everything in life. If you think an idea is good enough, go ahead with it. Your belief and validation are all that counts. If you think you did well and believe aren’t getting praised enough, don’t feel bad. Instead, buck up and try and make yourself feel better. You are your own critique and use that power to the maximum.

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3. Discontentment and whining will get you nowhere

As an entrepreneur, you need to accept that life is never fair and not everything is going to work out in your favour. And, whining about an unfavourable situation isn’t going to get you anywhere. You’ve chosen your life, so why not try and use time more constructively and not whine about things not going your way.

You need to learn to be positive and accept everything that comes your way. The challenge might seem complicated but a fresh and focused approach is bound to do wonders.

4. A calm and composed approach is essential

In the hustle bustle of a busy life, it is very easy to get bogged down with heaps of work and lose your composure. Screaming at employees will just dampen their spirits and cause rifts in the internal situation. A serene approach to important matters is the key to succeeding. If you think things aren’t going your way, take a deep breath and begin again.

If you’re a naturally hot-headed person, try practicing yoga or meditate daily for a composed inner self.

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5. Do not forecast results

Mentally strong people never make the mistake of forecasting results as soon as a decision is made. What is even worse is that some people already think of an idea as a failure before thinking of the possibilities of making it work. If you dwell on the idea that it is not going to work, it probably won’t. Instead, if you put in efforts and try to make it work, you might actually succeed.

Hence, predicting negative or unfavourable outcomes is dangerous and partly why your end result is a failure.

6. Money isn’t everything

Earning money is essential for survival but your life shouldn’t revolve around how much earn. As an entrepreneur, you should value the growth and achievements of your company more than the profits you are making. It is easy to earn money but what’s the use if you aren’t getting job satisfaction out of earning that money.

You chose entrepreneurship for freedom and because you love what you do. Once you work with dedication and sincerity, money is bound to pour in. Pump back these profits into your company and watch it grow with pride.

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