5 motivation hacks for entrepreneurs

motivation hacks for entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur’s day is not a smooth sail, it is a combination of rough patches and great highs. Some days might be difficult for an entrepreneur. He might be drowned in stress and on such days, s/he requires more motivation than ever. Motivation hacks help you reach your goal faster and keeps procrastination in check.

Here’s a list of motivation hacks that entrepreneurs can use:

Trick the mind

When you want to achieve or believe in something, you need to trick the mind into actually believing it. Focusing on the positives actually helps you to not procrastinate. In this way, an entrepreneur is able to get more stuff done in lesser time. Keep repeating a sentence in your mind and after sometime, you start believing it and are able to focus solely on it. This can be used by entrepreneurs to trick themselves to eliminate the negatives.

Break down the final goal

As an entrepreneur, your final goal might be achieving a certain amount of profit and sales. However, it might seem like a huge task to accomplish. To focus on that better and motivate yourself, break it down to smaller fragments such as the marketing plan, risk and contingencies, first sale etc. Smaller tasks seem easier to do and like dominoes, you accomplish all the tasks in no time.

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Draw inspiration

Sitting in board meetings for five continuous days might seem boring. To break the monotony, take a break from your usual life and do something to draw inspiration. It can be something as simple as watching an inspirational movie or reading a motivational book. It could also be something like taking a walk and observing nature which refreshes your mind and helps you focus on things better. Once you start drawing inspiration from things around you, you tend to be motivated and do well.

Set a performance bonus for yourself

Like children love prizes and rewards, we can also motivate ourselves to do better and complete the task in a stipulated time frame by offering ourselves bribes. The rewards can be something minimal like a dinner at a fancy place or karaoke with friends. You’ll observe that things and tasks are accomplished a lot faster with this motivation hack.

Involve the whole team and publicly announce your goal

Have a team meeting in the beginning of the week and assign tasks to each employee and make them repeat their goal for the week in front of everyone. This is helpful because it adds public pressure on each employee and inspires him/her to complete the task within a stipulated time as s/he has made a public commitment and it is very difficult not keeping up with it as no one wants to look like a public fool.

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