Entrepreneurship 101: 7 Tips how to master never giving up

In today’s life, we have surrounded ourselves with technology and everything can happen with the click of a button; this has lead to people becoming lazier and more laid-back than ever. When entrepreneurs are hurled at with difficulties, they simply duck or give up which is a very wrong attitude to move forward with. Instead, we should attack the problem from the front and try solving it for the essential lessons it’ll impart.

Here are a few ways on how to never give up:

1. Let the past experiences be history

It is a common practice of the generation today to let a part of themselves get stuck in the past and let the negative events or failures affect them. For instance, a failed business venture is capable of hampering an entrepreneur decision making capabilities today. So, it is very important to let go of the past and walk into the future with a fresh mind and new hopes. If you as an individual find the past experiences difficult to get over, try and embrace and hobby or a new venture and it’ll help you divert attention.

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2. Self-confidence is the key to success

No matter how bad things might be going; you cannot afford to doubt yourself for even a moment because as soon as you do so, your whole venture is shadowed by doubts. You should be willing to face every difficulty hurled at you and always remember that you aren’t lesser than the other person. This virtue will stand by you every time you want to quit or give up, so, you need to build up on it in abundance.

3. Look for guidance

If you are demotivated in life for some reason, the best option that you have is to seek help from a person you really look up to. For instance, if your inspiration to join an industry is Mr X, try and get in touch with him for further guidance.

If you are distressed, there’s nothing wrong with seeking counselling or help from psychiatrists. They’ll help you identify your problem and provide solutions which will make you a more positive person.

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4. Maintain the delicate balance between personal and professional life

For an individual it is important to strike the perfect balance between his personal and profession life because the two are interdependent. A glitch in your personal life can show signs of unprofessionalism while working, where as workplace stress and issues can hamper your personal life. Along with working hard, spending time with your loved ones is something you should do often.

5. Have a confidante

A person’s life might be under a lot of stress and no matter how self confident one may seem in office, s/he might need to go home and remove the outer cloak and break down in front of someone. For such instances, it is very necessary to have a confidante with whom you can share all your problems, sadness and happiness. After sharing your feelings, you will feel lighter and you might be likely to gain some insights and counselling from their side as well. A confidante can be a spouse, parent or anybody you trust with your life.

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6. Learn from your failures

The worst thing you can do is let failure affect you adversely. Failures are stepping stones to success and each failure should be like a lesson to you to do better in future. Learn to stare at failure in the face and derive the best teachings out of your mistakes. Also, as an entrepreneur, don’t let the fear of failure keep you from taking a certain risk.

7. Focus on an end goal

You should be very clear from the very beginning about what you want to derive out of doing a certain task. The end goal is what’s important and should remain your point of focus always. If you think you team needs motivation to stay focused, inspire them as well because when everyone focuses and works together towards one destination, they are bound to succeed.

For instance, to boost employees’ performance in the office, Google allows them to bring pets to the office.

Stay motivated, stay happy.

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