5 ways to supercharge your brain and achieve Neurogenesis

supercharge your brain

The brain is a fascinating organ in your body which can be supercharged by following some basic tips. A hidden superpower present your brain called Neurogenesis is the creation of new brain cells which allows an inflow of new, creative ideas. If certain activities are carefully followed daily, you will be able to easily supercharge your brain and be more productive.

Here are few activities through which you can achieve Neurogenesis:

i. Engage in physical activity

We’ve heard that engaging in some sort of physical activity is the key to supercharging mental abilities which is absolutely true. Scientists have found the correlation between working out and intellect which is why you should ditch the excuses and start working out daily.

ii. Meditation

The benefits of meditation and Yoga are countless as when performed on a regular basis, these activities can benefit your body greatly. Meditating once a day helps you get rid of distress and focus on things better and when you are more focused, you tend to be more productive. It also helps your brain to collect the fragmented thoughts.

iii. Read as much as you can

Read books, articles, success stories and almost everything you can get your hands on. The more you read, the more you are able to recharge your brain cells and boost your creativity. Reading opens up brain doors which were previously shut which is why reading is something you should engage in on a regular basis.

iv. Listen to music

It has been proven that listen to soothing music like instrumental or Celtic music can have a calming effect on your brain. On the body front, it lowers your pulse rate and decreases the amount of stress hormones released. Listening to music can also upgrade the creativity level in your brain cells.

v. Soak the sunlight

This is necessary as you are probably used to working under artificial lights which actually robs your brain of energy. Along with the energy, the production of new brain cells is also affected when you are over exposed to artificial lighting. Instead, spend time outdoors to refresh your brain and promote the growth of new brain cells.

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