5 Productivity apps everyone should have on their phone

5 Productivity apps everyone should have on their phone

In the last couple of years, we experienced a massive technology growth of our mobile devices. In the early 2000s we could barely send an email with them, but now we can browse the Internet, take pictures, do some complex work, and much more.

With freelance and remote working becoming a trend, our mobile devices have never been more useful. Because they are now packed with strong processors, we can do almost everything that we used to do on our desktop computers, but at the same time not being tied to our offices.

With the emergence of the apps, everything has changed. Remember that saying there is an app for everything? Well, there is! Since apps are now more powerful than ever, they can easily help us with our day-to-day business activities.

The only drawback is that there are apps that will save our time, but on the other hand there are others that will completely waste it. You could easily stretch a 1-hour assignment to a whole day event especially with the combination of browsing the Internet and spending time in those apps.

Here is the list of the apps that will make you more productive, save your time and at least take away some of the stress from your life.

Tide: Focus, Relax, Meditation

Tide helps you stay focused by providing ambient noise and a timer based on the Pomodoro technique. This app is great if nature sounds help you focus. You can choose five natural scenarios: ocean, rain, forest, meditation, and coffee. Also, there is an option to customise the sounds by mixing music and white noise.

The app has a minimalist design with simple and elegant interface. They even carefully picked font types for the app.

Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

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PDF Converter Ultimate

As the name suggests it, this is the ultimate app for quickly and accurately converting your documents on the go. For example, whenever you need to edit some PDFs, instead of retyping them all over again, this app lets you convert them to over 20 different file types like MS Office files, XPS, Image file types and many others.

The one neat feature is that you can convert Gmail attachments and files from Google Drive Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and OneDrive directly from the app which can be beneficial for people who like to keep everything on the cloud. You can even convert scanned and complex PDFs with the industry-leading OCR technology.

Since all conversions are done on the servers, the app won’t drain your battery. Additionally, if you are worried that your documents may be compromised, don’t be, because after the conversion is complete all documents are being deleted from the servers.

Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

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If you are a type of person that doesn’t want to waste their time every morning by going through your crowded mailbox, then this app is a perfect fit for you. Spark sorts your inbox for you and with its “Smart Inbox”, it automatically detects whether an email is an important or not.

It has quick reply option which enables you to quickly reply to an email with just one tap. Also, you can use natural language to search for emails which is one of my favorite features. We all love the feeling of accomplishment when we have finally dealt with our inbox. The Spark lets you feel like that every day.

Price: Free, Available on iOS

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Trello is a customized digital bulletin board where you can set up almost anything: from notes, tasks, to to-do lists and much more. With this app you can manage team workflows with ease. Tasks are presented as cards which can be grouped to boards and appointed to individuals, so at the same time you can see who is working on what.

You can also update cards with links, comments, and other important information. Likewise, you can set up notifications to ensure you never miss anything. There is also a paid version of the app which brings improved security and larger attachments sizes but, the free version should be enough for most people.

Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

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If you never heard of IFTTT then you’re in for a treat. With this app you can incorporate various services and apps in order to get more things done. Combined services and apps are called applets and you can also create your own ones. Over 500 apps work with IFTTT.

For example, you can turn on applets and get an alert as soon as there’s a new Craigslist listing that matches your search, post all your Instagrams as Twitter photos or Pinterest pins, trigger events based on your current location and much more. The only limitation is your own imagination and your creativity. Play around and who knows how many great applets you can create!

Price: Free, Available on iOS and Android

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Obviously, this is just the beginning. You will need all kind of apps and tools in order to cross out everything from your busy daily schedule. I hope these apps will at least make your life a little bit easier. If I forgot to mention some of your favorite apps, please let me know in the comments below.

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