4 apps which are must have for all mompreneurs

The Indian start-up scenario has seen a constant rise in the number of women setting up their own enterprises. What is more striking is that more and more moms are entering the market to start their own companies. Some very popular mompreneurs are Kapila Gupta, Suchi Mukherjee and Vandana Luthra.

To make daily hassles easier for mompreneurs, we have narrowed down on a list of apps which they should definitely install on their phone:

i. Shake Simply Legal

As an aspiring mompreneur, a lot of your time is spent on the kids which leaves you with almost no time left to take care of legal documents. However, you don’t need to worry because this amazing app allows you to access legal documents for free. You get all information regarding confidentiality clauses, rents, loans etc and can create documents of your own too. This is a handy app we documents can be signed on your phone.

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ii. Happy kids timer

Because you have ventured into something completely new, the time demands for your kids to become more independent than ever. This app is a free and amazing one which tells your child about their daily routines through games. By playing a funny game, they will slowly start doing little chores like brushing their teeth and making their beds on their own.

iii. Cozi

Getting into gruelling schedules can make you lose track of important events like family ones. However, by downloading Cozi which is a shared family app, you can keep track of everything from birthdays in the family to planning meals for the night. You can also colour code activities of each family member for better organisation.

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iv. Contacts+

Contacts+ is an amazing app which brings the contacts on your phone through an interface that brings together contact information and social media accounts in one place. This app is a must-have because it allows you access social media accounts, personal notes and background history of each contact.

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