8 apps every entrepreneur needs to download

apps every entrepreneur needs to download

Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy task with all the risks and pressure of decision making involved. However, to make your task slightly easier, we have come up with a list of 8 apps which will help you in different areas by taking some workload off you.

1. MobileDay

An entrepreneur becomes one because he wants to dictate his own terms. On some occasions when one just needs to be at home, MobileDay comes to rescue. It can co-ordinate all conference meetings and email with the participants. This app is a life saver as it can perform tasks like dial-in automatically and even offer to direct you to your meeting space if you decide to go for one last-minute.

2. Pocket

A true entrepreneur is always searching for more ideas and inspiration which can come from anywhere. This app is a great book-marking app which lets you save a variety of content ranging from lengthy articles to a point on a listicle. Pocket also allows you to bookmark videos which you think you might want to see later. The bookmarked content can be accessed offline on all electronic devices later. You can use the Bookmark app to manage your bookmarks.

3. Venmo

Venmo is a free digital app that makes all financial concerns in your life vanish away. It is a digital wallet which is linked to your bank account. You can easily make or share payments through this app. It solves the issue of carrying cash while treating employees or splitting food/cab fare. Venmo can also be used by entrepreneurs to make instant payments or wire salaries to the employees safely and efficiently.

4. Clicky

A company’s trends need to be monitored regularly to make future decisions. To monitor all stats related to a website or a social media page, an entrepreneur can download Clicky. It presents the analytics in a manner similar to Google Analytics but in a more understandable and simple manner which can then be studied.

5. SignEasy

Printing, signing, scanning and then e-mailing a document is a tedious and time-taking procedure to do on a daily basis. SignEasy is an easy and time saving app through which an entrepreneur can sign the required documents by opening them in the app and clicking on sign. You can also resend the documents from your phone. Hence, this app is very efficient and time-saving on the whole.

6. Streaks

Life of an entrepreneur is tiring and tedious and he isn’t very equipped to remember a list of tasks to complete amidst all the jobs. Hence, Streaks help and entrepreneur to turn some tasks into daily habits by simply feeding them into the app. The app finds a way to remind you of the task at a certain time of the day and also keeps a score of how many days you actually keep the streak alive. This app can automatically help you make sometime in your daily schedule for the things you need to do.

7. Skype

This app is a no-brainer for any entrepreneur. Skype offers video-calling and audio-calling with people from other countries free of cost. With increasing global investors, an entrepreneur can easily schedule Skype meetings and conferences to interact with them. Also, on the days an entrepreneur chooses not to go to office, he can send messages via Skype.

8. Expensify

All entrepreneurs want to maintain receipts of expenditure throughout a month for varied reasons. And, amidst all the pressure he’s under, it isn’t possible to physically maintain a log of all receipts. All you need to do is download Expensify and with your phone’s camera take pictures of your receipts as digital records stored in a chronological order. This app also lets you log mileage, meal expenses and other business-related travel costs.

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