5 Creative ways companies are changing their workplaces

Creative ways companies are changing their workplaces

If the workplace is creative, wonders are the results!

An interesting workplace sparks creative ideas and innovative thoughts that make it possible for employees to spend their day productive without getting bored. This was the main reason for the unconventional changes that have been seen these days in many office spaces.

Clearly, business owners and office managers know the importance of providing employees with a productive office space. They also understand that a workplace is not just a shelter for the workers out there, but it is also a strategic tool to boost collaboration and productivity among employees that ultimately affects the growth of companies. We’ve seen some innovative changes in the workspaces recently that are said to be the course of action that promotes employee well-being.

So what are those changes that also bring about a change in the work culture of employees?

1. No Fixed Place:

Have you ever heard about the hot desk?

It’s just where employees at their office are not going to have a fixed place or desk for them. Technology evolution, wireless internet connection, tablets and notebooks have made it even easier for employees not to be chained to a workplace throughout the day.

They can simply move around the office space, instead, and work where they feel comfortable. As a matter of fact, when employees enter the office space they are not forced to stick to a desk. They are free to choose their workplace. May it be a sofa, a chair, or an open table; just go, sit down and begin to work.

Companies must have taken particular care to organize the office space to suit hot-desking for this to work. But hot-desking can sometimes make the employees choose a place and stay there the whole day that affects the communication of the employees. And, if you don’t make employees understand the benefits of it, the entire hot-desking plan goes in vain.

2. Movable Desks:

Most companies still follow the traditional way of permanently arranging desks, but very few have gone out of the box and come up with the idea of mobile desks.

Not only are these desks mobile, but they are also the puzzles that can be moved, attached and detached to form different and comfortable shapes that employees want. The desks can be arranged (individually or collaboratively) according to their needs. Is this not a nice idea to foster collaboration among employees?

3. Music Rooms:

Who is not fond of music? It’s always a shot to keep your mind alive and enthusiastic.

So why isn’t it a way to boost the productivity of employees in the workplace?

It’s definitely let-off steam at work for the music lovers. A music room can burst the stress out of them boosting their energy in their hectic schedule, close deadlines, and work pressure.

Music rooms don’t mean that all the musical instruments need to fill the room. It should be super fine just a drum set, keyboards, guitars, microphone, stands and a small stage. This strategy is already being practiced by a few companies and it seems to work well for them. LinkedIn is one of those few companies and in its headquarters, it has used this system.

However, to avoid noise complaints, you need to make sure the room is soundproof.

4. Super Desk:

You can give a name to it! I call it a super desk because it’s a desk that can work together as many as 150 people.

It’s not like an open office completely, but it can be related to the concept. Many multinationals have adopted this super desk system to represent their collaborative approach where employees can communicate with ease.

5. Green Office:

A green office is not about green paint, green interior, and green furniture. It means bringing to the workplace the live plants. It keeps employees inspired by bringing live plants and other natural things to the office.

Recent research suggests that the addition of plants inside the office increases the productivity of employees by 15 %. A green office sends a silent message about their welfare to the employees.

Many businesses have begun adding live plants and greenery to provide a healthy environment for employees that will automatically boost their productivity.

All of these workplace changes have reportedly produced positive results for the companies that employed them. Ultimately, the design of office space is about the satisfaction of employees. All you need to do is give them what they want to be productive. Read about mexico manufacturing.

Author Bio: Sahaana Jai is a content Writer at Furnished Office Bangalore, a Corporate Real Estate brokerage firm providing specialized services in property management, corporate leasing, online property services, investment and transaction Management.

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