5 productivity tips that will benefit aspiring entrepreneurs

aspiring entrepreneurs

Indian entrepreneurship is currently on a high with a huge number of start-ups cropping up daily. Most start-ups have innovative and unique ideas but some fail, owing to various reasons- time issues, low of monetary funds or other resource crunches.

An entrepreneur plays a key role in determining his venture as a failure or a success. If the captain of the ship is accomplished and tends to be productive all the time, there are better chances of a successful venture.

Here are 5 productivity tips that are bound to help every budding entrepreneur:

1. Don’t attend or organise meetings for the sake of them

In today’s world, we are not in a position to take the traditional route of meeting a team for 5 hours and giving them tips about everything. Time is a precious resource and must be utilised carefully. Because most meetings are a waste of time, it is beneficial for an entrepreneur to cut down on them and organise modern ways of boosting team spirit like stand-up meetings.

Also, try communicating through faster, more efficient and time-saving media like the telephone, e-mail, SMS or shared notes on apps.

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2. Take breaks

As an entrepreneur, your work might seem insanely taxing. However, it is crucial to take necessary breaks for your brain to relax and produce newer ideas. Try and take breaks every two hours and it can be something as simple as going out for a brisk stroll. The fresh air will rejuvenate your mind and help you focus and concentrate better on work. You will find yourself more energised after a break because staring at a computer screen for too long can cause massive fatigue.

Also, insist that your employees take breaks too, especially if you’re a creativity-based company as breaks are necessary to break monotony and loss of focus.

3. Use location to an advantage

For start-ups which usually don’t have much monetary funding initially, it is always better to hire a team or people who are locals. Many studies have found that people living with family or near their offices are more motivated to work as they have people to fall back on once they’re home.

Also, once you nurture local talent, you’ll be amazed to find the level of motivation they possess as they know the place and people better. And, once you have a kickass team which comprises of accomplished and happy people, your profits will soar higher.

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4. Delegate; but give your employees space to improvise

As an entrepreneur, your job is to delegate tasks to your team but if you make them follow a rigid pattern of doing the task, they’ll soon lose interest. Instead, give them some amount of creative liberty to improvise and come up with newer ways of accomplishing a task. This gives them responsibility and power and helps them to learn the skill of management.

Because empowerment is something we all seek at our job, this will motivate employees to put in more effort into their job and be more productive in future.

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5. Rewards and benefits for your employees

It might be something as simple as treating them to a meal at a fast food joint because they’ve worked hard. Rewarding and more importantly recognising the talents of your employees is crucial as it gives a great boost to them as they remain motivated to work harder.

You could also provide some kind of monitor to your employees to jot down creative ideas. This is a great productivity booster as it empowers them and entices them to be more motivated at work.

Try the tips mentioned above and notice a stark change in your company’s productivity levels.

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