4 Tips for Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Showcase Your Company Culture

Power of Social Media

So fierce is the level of competition in the current corporate space that many companies are applying every rule in the book to stay competitive. From vigorous adverts online to using social media, it appears none would wish to be left behind. However, out of their diverse tactics of attracting fresh talent, there’s one particular hack whose charm seemingly beats them all!

To keep attracting a fresh crop of talented employees, nearly every company now uses the power of having a unique and admirable company culture. They are doing this, knowing too well, that it is an incredible inbound recruiting technique.

Social media and showcasing a brand’s Company Culture – perfect for Inbound Recruitment!

With social media boasting around 2.77 billion users from around the globe right now, every company jostling to leverage it is justified to do so. However, those that don’t use it to sell their products or interact with their clients probably have a bigger reason to stick to it. It is an ideal spot for custom staffing, as long as one selects the right platform and sticks to it.

Would you like to show off your company culture via social media, and attract exciting talent?

1. Tell your story

You can light up social media and earn more plaudits by telling the story behind the establishment of your brand. This strategy works excellently when it’s presented in a compelling and relatable fashion. It, however, has to highlight the successes you’ve achieved so far – not the struggles!

You can use photos and short, documentary-style videos to tell the story. However, beneath the story, you should try to skillfully sell your company culture, ethos and why your company is the best place for talented individuals. One critical thing you shouldn’t forget to underline in your story is your corporate social responsibility programs.

2. What makes you a cool workplace? Flaunt it

Well, it could be the dynamism of the team, the exciting and innovative amenities or the freedom to be creative. Or, maybe it’s the sleek and stylish desks, ready to be filled up, goodie boxes for new recruits or just about anything extraordinary. Whatever it is, just let the world of social media know it.

The best way to present it is by doing a behind-the-scenes video of some sort or taking photos and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While at it, however, make sure to sell the company in a cheerful and reinvigorating style.

3. Let your employees be your company’s social media advocates

A story told by a couple of employees sells far much better than that of the company, especially when it’s perfectly choreographed to appear natural and not stage-managed. This technique perfectly suits a business whose team is vibrant and conspicuous on social media.

You only need to choose the highly enthused employees who will only need to create a Hashtag and the conversation starts. And in the midst of it, potential customers will want to be part of the company. They will explore the profiles of the employees before inquiring how they might join in.

4. Do a video

Popular video-sharing channels like YouTube and Periscope can also help. You just have to create an in-depth video detailing all that makes up your company. The best way to do this is to come up with something like a ‘reality show’ featuring satisfied employees, how the team interacts and so forth.

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