3 ways in which entrepreneur can advocate their team

ways in which entrepreneur can advocate their team c

Success isn’t the responsibility of just the entrepreneur or an employee. A company’s success depends on the smooth functioning of various teams. In a scenario where a team has succeeded in doing their part well, it is your duty as an entrepreneur to advocate them in order to work efficiently.

You can advocate their success in the following ways:

1. Acknowledge people and their work

To support a team’s success, you should first be aware of their existence and value and then acknowledge their position in your company. Often, we label a person as a “thing” which takes away from their dignity. So, unless we see the other person as a valuable human asset to the company, it is difficult to acknowledge. When a team has done a good job, it is your job to go out of the way to congratulate their good deeds and make them feel accomplished. When a team feels like their efforts are being honoured, they are bound to put in more hours of hard work because of the positive motivation created.

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2. Believe in them

Advocacy is only possible when you believe in people that they are able enough to achieve great feats. By believing in them, you display the emotion of trust which drives people to stand up to that belief. Success doesn’t include demeaning the other person; instead, it comes from treating the other person in the room as an equal. However, this doesn’t mean that you should fake belief in people when you don’t have expectations. You need to be real and genuine while trying to lift your team’s spirits after a success in order to advocate it.

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3. Boost and support the team’s endeavours

The best results are derived when the entrepreneur comes forth to support his team and the team is able to feel the support extended by the entrepreneur. People need to be heard and valued which is your duty if you want to advocate them. Being supportive means being a net to your team. Things might go wrong as to err is human so in those conditions, it is best to be there for your team. Similarly, when they’ve tasted success, it is your duty to encourage them and support them even in their good times.

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