6 ways in which your personal life affects your professional life

An entrepreneur is expected to work so hard that his personal life is almost non-existent. However, this practice in reality isn’t a very good thing as a person’s personal and professional lives aren’t as different as black and white. They are interdependent and the enhancement of personal life is crucial for some aspects of professional success.

Here are 6 ways in which your personal life affects your professional life:

1. The way you communicate

The way you communicate is largely dependent on your personal life. Through the way one is speaking, the listener can make out a lot of things about the speaker. If something is bothering you, one tends to not be very jovial and the communication is professional. One might also tend to snap back or give curt replies if something in his personal life is affecting him.

2. Problems in your personal life could distract you

This is a no-brainer because if a person is facing issues in his personal life, it is bound to show up in their work as well. Problems between couples or family issues might demotivate the employee and that affects the productivity of the company as well.

3. Social media profiles

Social media profiles are no longer personal to a human being. Profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn are out there for everyone to see. If your LinkedIn profile features you in a crisp shirt looking professional and your Instagram pictures reveal a different story altogether, you might be in a dilemma.

The human resource managers these days are supposed to monitor social media profiles and are expected to find out what a person is up to.

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4. People to fall back on

An entrepreneur’s life is very tough as we all know. Taking risks and challenges constitutes to a major part of his life and some risks might not work out as one expects them to. this might lead in depression and dejection and during such moments of despair, one needs people to fall back on more than ever. The person you trust the most could act as your cushion and motivate you to do better.

Along with sharing dejections, it is necessary to have someone to share successes with as well. The people you fall back on could be anybody- parents, siblings, spouse, friends, mentors etc.

5. Tragedies or losses in personal life

This point is pretty explanatory as a loss or tragedy one faces in their personal life does affect one’s professional abilities as well. One loses motivation to work on drab days and tends to slack off which affects productivity majorly. Prolonged days of depression affects to emotional burnout which can hamper the company gravely.

Hence, when one’s facing something so intense, they should take a break and deal with their sorrows instead of not being able to focus clearly thereby affecting output at their profession.

6. Time crunches

Personal life can also pose a threat to the time one devotes to their profession. Balancing time between a family and a full-time job isn’t easy and a lot of people fail in maintaining this delicate balance and end up doing everything half heartedly.

For instance, a co-employee left office by 5pm each day and on the day of an important meeting; he said he had to take his son for a vaccine. This affected the meeting as he had a major role in the presentation.

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