Never told secrets of top CEOs about managing work better

secrets of top CEOs

The successful CEOs of any company try to achieve more in less time. However, not every CEO is uber-productive and successful. Some are, because of well-guarded secrets. However, we bring to you the secrets behind these CEO/Founders’ success:

1. Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin

Richard Branson

“In Virgin’s case, we fly the same planes as our competitors and our gyms offer much of the same equipment as other gyms. What separates our businesses from the competition? Our employees.”

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2. Phil Libin, Evernote

Phil Libin

“Like everyone else, I used to just work on airplanes—I’d use that as a time to catch up on things. And I stopped. I basically said when I’m on a plane, I won’t work. I’ll read, I’ll play video games, I’ll sleep, I’ll watch movies, but I don’t work. It makes me look forward to flying. I can get off a long flight, and actually be kind of relaxed.”

3. Steve Gefter, MD of IDDS

Steve Gefter

“Serial entrepreneurs have a mindset unlike anyone else; they are entrepreneurs on steroids. A ‘get it done’ work ethic is the most essential trait. Starting a business takes a lot — financially, emotionally and physically. To start one business requires a ‘roll up your sleeves’ mentality, so imagine what it takes to start five or 10. You either have it or you don’t; and the most successful serial entrepreneurs do.”

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4. Adora Cheung, CEO of Homejoy

Adora Cheung

To keep things focused and brief, she has co-workers add agenda topics to a Google Doc spreadsheet before a meeting, and then she prioritizes them. “If it’s not on the Google Doc, we don’t talk about it.”

5. David Goldin, President and CEO of Capify

David Goldin

“You need to be constantly thinking of how to enhance and grow your business because your competitors are doing the same. Remember that losing is not an option and when you’re in stressful situations, you’ve got to figure out ways to navigate and overcome the obstacles. If it was easy to be an entrepreneur, then everyone would be one. The best entrepreneurs need to be resilient and bounce back from anything.”

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6. Beerud Sheth, co-founder and CEO of Teamchat/Webaroo

Beerud Sheth

“After my first start-up, I stopped riding the emotional roller coaster inherent in the start-up journey. In start-ups, the highs are higher and the lows are lower — the emotional swings can drive you crazy. I learned to stay level-headed, even-keeled and focused on the longer term.”

7. Jack Dorsey, Chairman of Twitter

Jack Dorsey

Dorsey’s secret to success is that he “themes” his days, devoting a different day each week to different types of work.

“Mondays are for management, Tuesdays are focused on product, and Wednesdays are for marketing and communication, and so on. It sets a good cadence for the rest of the company.”

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