3 courses every self-taught entrepreneur needs to take in order to be successful

courses every self-taught entrepreneur needs to take

While the concept of the self-taught entrepreneur is catching up across the globe in a huge way, it is only normal that these entrepreneurs teach themselves the various courses and skills they have missed out on in B-school. Most entrepreneurs have had help from the experts in the field while looking to make their venture a successful one. For instance, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg heavily relied on the advice of Sheryl Sandberg to make it big in the field of social media.

Similarly, to make up for the lack of skills, an aspiring entrepreneur could always look to take courses to enhance his venture’s reach. Listed below are a few courses we believe every entrepreneur needs to make it big:

1. The web designing course

It is a waste of money to keep hiring a web designer to develop and keep revamping your website when you can do it yourself. The web designing courses are fairly simple and teach you how to work around the complex languages: HTML, JavaScript and CSS. You could use these skills to propel and start your website with minimal finances and efforts and also make some extra bucks by putting these skills into use as you can now develop websites for other companies.

2. The marketing basics

It isn’t a big deal if you’ve skipped basics by not attending a B-school or doing your MBA and delved into this field directly especially when there are a variety of courses to help you get your fundamentals right. These basics will enlighten you on the various business models that exist and teach you the different tactics you could employ to make your business a successful one such as push-pull strategies, SOSTAC, PESTEL analysis etc. Hence, this is a recommended course for every entrepreneur who wants to make the best use of marketing strategies.

3. Online user engagement course

If you already have a venture, it is a smart move to examine and employ a few new strategies to improve your current situation. The various courses available online help you learn how to market your product/service online and keep a track of engagement. The course will help you understand website traffic, use email subscription, increase engagement, read analytics and observe and predict online trends which are necessary for any digital business to prosper.

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