6 websites every aspiring entrepreneur should bookmark

6 websites every aspiring entrepreneur should bookmark

Learning is an integral process for every entrepreneur and with the gamut of data available, an entrepreneur definitely receives a lot of help. The website has sufficient information which helps the budding entrepreneur to strategize and build his company accordingly.

The following sites are absolutely important for an entrepreneur to follow as it provides them with information, strategies and also teaches to use the various tools for successful business experience.

1. Entrepreneur.com

This website definitely lives up to its name by motivating budding entrepreneurs and helping them learn the tricks of the trade. The content on this site is packed with information, tools and strategies regarding how to start and build a whole company. The blog of the website is filled with articles related to marketing, business and finance tips to guide an entrepreneur. This website will educate and motivate the entrepreneur at the same time.

2. BusinessOwnersToolKit.com

This website helps to you start at the very basic stage. It is a simple guide which doesn’t believe in frills and provides you with relevant and versatile content. The versatility appeals to all kinds of entrepreneurs and while starting from scratch, this is the website to be hooked on to.

3. ChicCEO.com

This website calls out to the female entrepreneurs of the world as the name suggest. However, due to the nature of its enriching content, it garners traffic from both genders. The website helps you by providing step-by-step tutorials of website creation, creating a mission statement and more, all through e-mail. To make your life easier, the website also offers downloadable guides on a variety of subjects.

4. ASmartBear.com

This platform created and managed by Jason Chen has over 40,000 subscribers because of the level of information they churn out. A lot of marketing and entrepreneurial advice and tips are doled out on the website which have helped struggling entrepreneurs over the years to build and run their companies.

5. Ben’s blog

Living up to its tagline “CEOs are made, not born. Teaching You To Become One”, Horowitz’s website teachers entrepreneurs at a nascent stage about how to build their company and serve as proper and diligent leaders and CEOs. Once you delve into this blog, a lot of relevant information presented in a unique form is made available to you. The rap lyrics and accompanying music used will entertain you and help you make your business more alive.

6. YourStory.com

An Indian website founded by Shradha Sharma aspires to help all budding entrepreneurs to make it big by providing them with exclusive tips, guides and success stories which motivate entrepreneurs to make their companies successful.

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