Marketing techniques which will help your enterprise start-up in its initial days

Marketing techniques for startups

Setting up an enterprise can be a difficult task, but what is more difficult is to make people aware about the products and services being offered. Marketing helps you let people know and avail the services which are why it is an integral part of your start-up.

Here are a few marketing tips which will help your start-up in its initial stage:

i. Word of mouth

All big businesses gain popularity through word of mouth initially. Get your family, friends, relatives and network of professionals talking about your enterprise. Once they spread the word to more people, your products will gain more popularity and reach out to a larger group. Once, your services are appreciated, the brilliant reviews will lure more customers. This is a marketing technique which is organic and absolutely effective.

ii. Hire a marketing manager

A marketing manager might be expensive but s/he is definitely an important investment who will make your company reach new heights. Marketing managers are aware of how to spread awareness and which platforms to use to promote the company and also have a huge network which can prove to be useful. Hiring a marketer also relieves you as a load has been taken off your work schedule.

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iii. Go digital

The world is going digital, so, you should too. If you do not promote and market your company on the internet, you stand a fair chance of losing out customers. Build an engaging and user friendly website and promote it on the various social media platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc for maximum reach.

iv. Tie-ups

To gain more popularity and credibility early on, tie up with bigger and more well-known names in the market. This will help in increasing your company’s popularity and your products and services can benefit with the help of affiliate marketing.

For instance, if you are making chocolates, you could easily tie-up with a popular local bakery or restaurant and sell them.

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