What you need to build an agritourism business from the ground up

build an agritourism business

Agritourism is growing rapidly as a major real estate development opportunity. Even if you do not have much experience with land management, you might be able to invest in a piece of land for farming or ranching purposes. Smaller properties are bought as vacation getaways or hunting lodges. Here are the basics to consider with this type of land investment.


There are many options for farms as the base of an agritourism business. You can use it to grow to produce for a farmers market, or you can invite visitors to the farm to pick their own produce. You can also offer tours and classes at your farm for those wishing to learn more about agriculture. School field trips and aspiring growers alike can learn a lot from these experiences.

No matter what you’re planning to use your farm for, it doesn’t need to be a large, sprawling lot of land if you’re not comfortable with that. Get land you know you’ll be able to maintain that will produce enough fruit and vegetables for your specific business needs.  Evaluate available properties and buying interests in your area to decide what type of farms might be in demand. You will also want to consider sprucing up any buildings on the farm by making needed repairs and adding fresh paint to attract interest.


Animal lovers might be more interested in coming to visit a ranch than a farm. Ranching has become a lifestyle for many wealthy individuals, so you can offer tours and on-site stays for those that want to enjoy the lifestyle or learn more about it.

You might also offer more casual opportunities for visitors. For example, a petting zoo may be part of your set up, or you might prefer a stable for boarding horses. Teach visitors about the animals on your ranch and how to care for them.

When you’re looking at ranches for sale, make sure that the land you choose can support the livestock you’re planning to have. For example, if you plan to have cattle, there should be plenty of lands for them to graze on. If you’re expecting to teach horse riding lessons, there should be space to build a stable and level land to teach beginners.

Vacation Lots

Smaller lots of a couple of acres often those looking for a little getaway home for the weekends or seasonal vacations. Some may just want a place for dirt bikes or go-carts. A nice spot on a pond or lake could bring purchase offers from water lovers. A quiet place close to nature can let them watch wildlife as they relax. You may want to get the property inspected to see what it would cost to improve it by removing debris and levelling the soil as well as possibly having utility poles installed before putting it on the market and adjust the asking price accordingly.

Commercial Options

Land parcels of any size are valuable as potential Christmas tree lots, pumpkin patches, orchards for fruit picking, or offering pony rides or petting zoos. Consider the proximity of these areas to nearby highways and their scenic value as well as the likelihood of customers driving to that location for commercial purposes.

Agritourism is a booming industry. Cities and suburbs only continue to grow, and more and more people are looking for somewhere to take a break from city life and appreciate nature. Check out some land tracts for sale and decide if you are ready to enter this lucrative real estate market.

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