Top tools to add Tripadvisor reviews on your website


Before making a plan for any trip, the globetrotters around the world want authentic insights and travel experiences. This is where every traveler needs Tripadvisor to guide them with trust and adventure. For discovering hidden gems and utterly famous places, Tripadvisor is the go-to platform with a plethora of ratings and reviews from travelers. If you are in the business of hospitality industry, you need to add Tripadvisor reviews to your business website.

The hospitality, leisure, and travel industries heavily rely on customer reviews. Prospective customers will use your business website to make their hotel bookings or restaurant reservations when they trust the credibility of your brand. More than 70% of travelers trust Tripadvisor reviews before they decide on their stay or leisure time. Since Tripadvisor is a third-party app, here are some best tools that will help you add and display Tripadvisor reviews to your website.

What Is The Need Of Tripadvisor Review On Your Website?

When travelers book their next trip, there is heavy competition in the hospitality industry and they need to review sites to check which is the best hotel as per their requirements. With personal recommendations and feedback from online reviews, this is where Tripadvisor permits users to get what they are searching for in a new country or city. 

To plan a trip, more than 456 million travelers headed to Tripadvisor each month before the global pandemic. To help you stand out among your competitors, Tripadvisor reviews are the best option for your business. You’ll want to have plenty of positive reviews on your website, so whenever someone searches your hotel will appear on the top. 

Amazing Tools To Add Tripadvisor Reviews To Your Website 

There are some of the amazing tools mentioned below that you can use to add and show Tripadvisor reviews on your website. 

1. Tagembed Widget 

One of the most popular social media and review aggregator tools- Tagembed is the first choice in our list. For website users and business owners, Tagembed is the best tool to add and showcase Tripadvisor reviews to their websites with the help of a review widget. Besides adding Tripadvisor reviews to the website, this tool has some other exceptional features that make it a worthy tool.

Tagembed is a code-free tool and a user doesn’t require any technical expertise for its use. By changing themes, colors, card styles, fonts, etc. users can easily customize the layouts with the help of the Tagembed tool. With the help of the Tagembed tool, users can easily add a customized CTA button to the embedded feed. 

2. Trustmary Review Widget 

With the help of the Trustmary review widget, you can easily add and display Tripadvisor reviews on any part of your website. With ease, you can automatically import Tripadvisor reviews to your website by using this tool and showcase them with stylish and customizable widgets. The Trustmary review widget is codeless, so users don’t need any coding skills to use this tool. In no time, you can easily bring TripAdvisor reviews to your website with the Trustmary tool and bring considerable changes with its customized features. 

3. Elfsight Review Widget

With the help of the Elfsight Review Widget, Tripadvisor reviews are easily added to your business website. This tool includes templates and widgets, to help in maximizing your Tripadvisor reviews. Grid, list, masonry, and slider are the four types of review layouts offered by this tool. For its users, the Elfsight review widget provides an active button to post a review on the Tripadvisor page. The paid version of this tool provides more support to its users and unlocks a higher usage limit. 

4. Trustindex 

By using the predesigned widgets of the Trustindex tool, You can showcase Tripadvisor reviews on your website for free. You can display your widgets after creating them, to build the trust of customers and improve the SEO of the website by filtering your reviews. In the free plan of this tool, the users can feature up to ten Tripadvisor reviews. To its users, Trustindex offers more than 40 widget layouts and more than 25 pre-designed widget styles. Trustindex tool is free to its users, however, you can buy the pro version of the tool if you want to feature more than 10 Tripadvisor reviews. 

Best Advantages Of Adding Tripadvisor Reviews On Your Website 

For travelers and tourists, Tripadvisor is a trusted review platform. Over promotional content, travelers are most likely to trust the feedback of fellow travelers. Some of the advantages are mentioned below: 

1. The competitive positioning Will Be Impacted By Tripadvisor Reviews 

To get better Tripadvisor rankings, the higher quantity and quality of reviews will matter. The Tripadvisor reviews are impactful so you want to have a higher ranking for your hotel or rental property. The Tripadvisor ranking will determine how many guests will find you. 

2. Tripadvisor Reviews Give Valuable Insights 

You can get valuable feedback through Tripadvisor reviews that will assist you in finding areas for improvement in your business. These valuable insights can easily
enhance your customer satisfaction and offerings. 

3. Tripadvisor Reviews Provide Social Proof 

Tripadvisor reviews will provide your business with powerful social proof. You need to keep in mind that your target audience trusts your previous customers because they let others know about your services and other aspects of your business. 

4. Tripadvisor Reviews Increases Engagement 

Online reviews give valuable insights to your audience that will help them understand what they can expect from your brand. Adding Tripadvisor reviews to your website will eventually lead to increased engagement and more likely these website visitors will convert into your consumers. 

5. Tripadvisor Reviews Provide Transparency 

Online reviews are a form of user-generated content that you can display on your website. Tripadvisor reviews are a trusted source for travelers and customers. Showcasing these reviews on your website will help your potential customers think that you are a transparent brand and it will build trust among them. 


You already know the influence of Tripadvisor reviews on your business if you are already in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industry. Before making a purchase, most of the potential customers read reviews and testimonials. For your business, you can easily leverage Tripadvisor reviews and establish credibility in the digital space.