10 online tracking tools every small business and startup should start using now

online tracking tools every small business and startup should start using

Tracking your web metrics, social media followers, leads, conversions and impressions is essential to record the growth or fall. If there is an acceptable growth, you should continue with the same strategy whereas if there’s a decline, you need to change your strategy.

Here are a few tracking tools every small business and startup should start using:

1. Google analytics

The most popular web analytics tool, Google Analytics does a brilliant job at providing you with data about your users’ demographics, the kind of websites they use and also where they are from. The data acquired from this tool is completely reliable and the best part about this tool is that it is absolutely free of cost.

2. Social mention

This tool is one of the most popular tools to track your social media progress. It is an easy to use tool which lets you learn your brand’s strength and the number of times it has been mentioned and discussed on social media. This tool also lets you know about the latest hashtags and keywords in the social media circuit.

3. Clicky

Currently, Clicky is gaining more and more popularity on web analytics front due to the amazing features they offer. The best part about Clicky is that it gives you data in real-time so that you don’t have to wait to receive information about the traffic on your website. Clicky is very easy to install and offers Twitter Search Tracking which helps you monitor twitter tags, keywords and retweets.

4. ChartBeat

This is an app priced at $9.95/month but is a must-have for every publisher who needs every detail about the website. This tool gives you real-time data and also tells you how people are interacting with your content. In addition to that, this tool has a brilliant user interface and gives insights as to how users are sharing your content.

5. Alexa

Alexa has a free tool which most websites use to find out the current ranking. All you need to do is write your website’s name and the tool will give you the ranking based on your country and globally. A more advanced version can be purchased by paying a nominal amount.

6. Mint

This tool is a tough competitor to Google analytics because it extensively tracks basic statistics like referrals, searches, popular pages, and traffic trends. It has a brilliant interface with a one-time cost structure ($30). It tells you about the total visitors and the most viewed content. The bird feeder feature is brilliant as it measures feed subscriptions trends and clicks through for each item.

7. Hootsuite

Another social media measuring tool which lets you monitor brand conversations accurately. This tool helps you be up-to-date with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All you need to do is craft a stream that matches your keyword. There are free, pro and enterprise versions of the tool available.

8. Woopra

This tool is priced from$0-$199 depending on how big your website is. It allows you to measure customer engagement in real time and monitor more than just one website at the same time. The best features of this tool are the live chat and the fact that it lets you track blog posts, comments, and searches through its WP plug-in.

9. Google content experiments

This is a free tool for testing and optimizing your site and is free of cost. Google Content Experiments lets you see how two different versions of a web page perform so you can optimize your site. It also looks after the heavy lifting regarding analyzing the data and lets you know which version of your website is the best and more likely to engage customers.

10. GrapeWeb statistics

This is a free program which helps you learn about the accurate number of website visitors and the referrals. It is easy to use with PHP or HTML and offers basic metrics. It is a must-have tool for webmasters who just want simple analytics. The only drawback is that you’ll have to install and host the tool yourself.

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