This edtech startup is looking for more professionals as enrolments increase exponentially


The scope of the internet is become wider each day and future seems to be as brighter as it can. Coronavirus pandemic has given a great push to it and online learning reaches at its peak. Schools, colleges and tuitions are suspended due to lockdown, so online learning has become a new way of learning.

Among all online learning platforms, an Indian edtechstart-upWhitehat Jr. has become a waxed platform for both students and teachers. Karan Bajaj, founder of Whitehat Jr, launched his online learning platform in December 2018 with an engagement of 1,50,000 students and 500 teachers. Now, it has doubled up the number of teachers, and employees as well to meet 100% month on month increase in student enrolment.

At a time when companies are knocking down their workforces, the start-up like Whitehat Jr. offering Artificial Intelligence courses to children below the age of 15 years is looking to hire more professionals. These teachers are hired on a contract basis because they are freelancers and supposed to work remotely.

Interestingly, Whitehat Jr. has two broad aspects. First, all the teachers are tech-savvy and so it has to set up a very strong tech to enable the teachers to facilitate learning. Second, Whitehat Jr. accounted 85% women as teaching staff with a strong academic background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).

With strength of 25 members in internal recruitment team, Karan Bajaj is looking to hire employees for non-teaching roles across domains like sales, curriculum, creation and operations. As the numbers are doubling up, tech has to be built more strong and scalable. So, Bajaj thought of setting up an operation team which will look after the growing number of classes.

Hence, hiring are open at Whitehat Jr. across spectrum – team leaders, directors and other middle management roles with the minimum compensation of Rs 5,00,000 per annum for entry-level employees.

This startup is just few steps behind the Nexus Venture Partners and Omidyar Network India, and now focussing on global expansion as the enrolments increase exponentially. In fact, its US business is rising more than 200% every month.

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