5 EdTech start-ups in India you should know about

EdTech start-ups in India

Educational technology, sometimes referred to as EduTech or EdTech is a form of teaching and learning that makes use of technology.

There are currently 3,500 edtech startups in India. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

Leverage Edu

It started off as a college admission platform. It helps students in their careers through mentorship products, end-to-end college admissions guidance, programmes to help get first-job ready, as well as one-to-one virtual career advisory for multiple career streams. It also helps students with exclusive scholarships, educational loans, help on housing, forex/VISA, and more, through multiple global partnerships.


It aims to fundamentally transform the admission process in the educational institutions in India and abroad.

It helps institutions to increase their outreach capabilities, enhance recruitment efforts, expand customer service offerings.

“One of the strategies is to deploy Application kiosk infrastructure in Institutions, banks & post offices to bring the next level of masses online. We strive to process 30-35 Mn applications by 2020,” said Suraj Sapra, the chief strategy officer at NoPaperForms.


Ankit Gupta and Deepak Joy Cheenath are the founders of Quizizz. It helps teachers turn homework and tests into self-paced games.

“Our mission is to motivate every learner. When we hear that a student initially struggled on a math assignment but then replayed it six or seven times because he/she wanted to improve, we know we’re on the right track”, said Ankit Gupta.


It caters to the education requirements of children aged between 3 to 14-year old and introduce them to core STEM fundamentals through plug and play. For instance, with its virtual reality product VRX, students studying in class 9 and 10 will be able to access virtual reality experiences designed to understand complex concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Unacademy was initially launched as a YouTube Channel in 2010 by Gaurav Munjal.
As an online learning platform, it aims to empower educators to create courses on various subjects. It hosts more than two lakh lessons in more than 10 Indian languages.

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