7 skills CEOs should learn from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

If there is one personality you can’t possibly ignore nowadays, it is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A true leader, Modi’s inspiring persona has everyone in awe of his leadership skills. Read how CEO’s can become better business leaders by acquiring some of Modi’s skills.

1. Creating direct connect with stakeholders

Modi has made it a point to reach out to his audience directly through every possible medium. He is staying directly connected with the masses through a medium like Mann ki Baat on radio, and has formed youth connection through social media. CEOs should remember importance of knowing pulse of the consumers, trade partners and investors alike. Forming a direct connect with stakeholders & engaging with them is one of the important things CEOs can learn from Modi.

2. Investing in right team creation & ongoing performance measurement

We have seen how Modi has almost handpicked his team to run the government, including his cabinet and bureaucratic line-up. A talented team is not only a strong foundation for an organisation, but also important in realising your vision. Not only that, he has also displayed how important an ongoing measurement of goals is, with the latest cabinet rejig being proof of that. As CEOs its important to not only invest in a great leadership team but timely and periodic review helps to make sure goals are being met.

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3. Basics first

While having a long term goal and envisioning big picture is what a CEO must do, its critical to set the basics right. All plans and schemes Modi has introduced, such as Jan Dhan Yojana, Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Atal Pension Yojana, Swachh Bharat (including building of toilets), etc. aim at addressing basic socio-economical structure. Programmes like Digital India, Smart City Yojana, National Highway Programmes, and many more aim to fix elementary infrastructure. As CEOs its imperative to know that basics should be in place to have results in place.

4. Efficiency & productivity

At the age of 65, Modi can give any youngster a run for his money when it comes to high efficiency and unmatched productivity. Take for instance his chock-a-block schedule – back to back travel to multiple countries, catching up on sleep during flights, high-energy speeches at international platforms, 18 hour workdays, and the list goes on. To lead an organisation, this is the kind of determination and adeptness that is needed.

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5. Actions speak louder than words

Much uproar and criticism has always been around Modi’s silence on various issues that people, political parties and media have expected him to comment on. But he has set perfect example for business front-runners to talk less and do more. If your organisation is giving a great product with exceptional services and overall customer experience, you don’t need to spend on media and PR. Your work will anyways be spoken about and duly applauded.

6. Deployment of latest technology

Modi is highly tech-savvy unlike various other leaders of his age. We have not forgotten how deployment of 3D Hologram technology not only helped him multiply his reach to world’s largest electorate but how it became a huge talking point with it being a first in the Indian political scene. He has not only deployed tech for marketing but for improving processes too. A good CEO must know how to deploy tech to stay ahead of the curve.

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7. It all starts with a healthy body & mind

Finally & most importantly staying fit physically & mentally is where it all starts. Only a fit mind and body can lead to effective leadership and better decisions. Leading by example, this 65 years old man exuberates immense energy and zeal in everything he does. Be it playing the drums in Tanzania or addressing a huge audience in USA, he has never looked low on energy and passion for his work. CEOs must include yoga or any other regimen to stay fit.

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