Key aspects that make your business’s lobby more inviting for customers

business lobby

Your lobby is among the most essential spaces for your business. It’s where customers check-in and out and relax as they wait for their meetings. It’s one of the only areas of your office where guests and clients spend time. This means that the appearance of the space will make a big impression on them and will help shape their impression of the rest of your business. With this in mind, strive to ensure that the lobby’s design and functionality are prioritized. Below are key aspects that help you design a lobby that is more welcoming to your clients.


The colors your visitors see when they first walk in the doors can have a strong effect. Some colors are very calming and are excellent for a spa or doctor’s office. Other colors are more invigorating and are ideal for a marketing agency or graphic designer.

One of the easiest ways to add color to your design is to put it on the walls. Type 1 wall coverings are wallpapers made for low to moderate traffic. Unlike the kind of wallpaper you would find in a residential building, this kind of wall covering is made to hold up against friction and stains. There are other kinds of wall coverings if your lobby has more traffic. Wall colors help make the place more vibrant. Having a welcoming ambiance encourages your customers and guests to linger.


Also, instead of having a traditional front desk and waiting area for your customers, integrate other functional areas. For example, a lounge, dining, and working area may be useful for your visitor area depending on your business and industry.

Indoor Plants and Artwork

Several benefits come with indoor plants. For example, plants can help filter out the air, reduce stress, and improve productivity. They are also aesthetically appealing to most people. Indoor plants are also becoming very trendy because of the beauty and the benefits they are associated with.

Some people prefer artwork to plants. Therefore, incorporating both covers everyone’s preferences. For artwork, ensure you have several attractive paintings, murals, or sculptures. Alternatively, you can showcase the artwork through digital venues in your lobby.


When we entertain guests even in our homes, they feel welcome and wanted. You can carry this over to your office as well.Provide reading materials, board games, and even screens displaying some inspirational and entertaining content. It helps your clients kick back and relax their minds and bodies. Besides, some soft background music is a beneficial source of entertainment. It can also help reduce impatience in case they need to wait a few minutes for a meeting or for assistance.

Your customers are the most crucial aspect of your business. Creating a calm and relaxing ambiance right at the entrance for them sets the tone for your entire property and the company itself. Ensure the lobby is welcoming for every single guest walking through it at a given time. It boosts their trust and confidence in you and makes them feel respected.