InventureX Crowdfunding: Providing assistance for inventors and entrepreneurs

InventureX Crowdfunding

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California and established in 2008, InventureX is an agency that handles marketing and promotion of performance-based crowdfunding. Since 2012, InventureX has been helping inventors and entrepreneurs with raising over $20 million on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In addition, with its 86 percent success rate, InventureX is currently the highest ranked agency in the industry.

Is Crowdfunding A Good Approach for Your Startup?

Crowdfunding is basically a unique approach to business financing and can be a good approach for your startup. It assists in streamlining the customary model of receiving financial support for a company or product. Essentially, you have one platform, which will be built by you, which highlights and pitches your resources. Doing this makes it easier to get the opportunity to establish your product, plans, or business to a number of interested parties. In addition, you provide them with additional ways of helping the growth of your firm.

How the Experts at InventureX Can Help Alleviate Some of the Crowdfunding Pains

Without proper strategy, planning, and marketing efforts, it is very likely your crowdfunding campaign will fail, stopping you from attaining your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Partnering with a specialized service like InventureX can amplify the chances of your project getting funded. InventureX assists entrepreneurs by taking on the legwork required to get as much funding as possible.

Typically, InventureX partners with projects they have assessed and believe they could be molded into a success. InventureX uses data and trends from previous projects to review ideas and get a clear picture of what can be done for your concept to get you started.

Partnering with InventureX provides a tremendous advantage as it concerns crowdfunding. From the beginning, their experts will establish crucial plans to transform your concept into a successful project. The agency will assist you in establishing a page that transforms visitors into supporters and the pricing will be structured to amplify funding.

Is InventureX Legit? What Are Other Media and News Outlets Saying About Them?

Reading reviews is among the best methods of determining if this crowdfunding marketing agency is a sham or legit. InventureX has lots of positive reviews from real persons. Entrepreneurs and companies speak highly about their expertise, which sincerely helped them in achieving success in their campaigns.

Several media outlets have conducted interviews with individuals who have benefitted from the agency and representatives of the agency. Among the common comments from clients of InventureX is that the team is quite knowledgeable about marketing new products and getting crowdfunding. The team is credited with clearly explaining everything they send in different videos and doing so in a number of phone calls. It has been said repeated by clients that the agency invests time into reviewing their concept and ensuring it is right for crowdfunding. This is done before any business is even discussed with you. They are also said to make the product you are launching speak for itself.

Getting Started with InventureX Crowdfunding

If you want to pitch a product or you have an idea, InventureX can assist you with bringing it to life. It is easy to get started and with their 86 percent success rate, trusting this company is the way to go. When they know whether your concept is applicable to their program, a team of experts will plan everything with you. This includes your goals for the business and your marketing budgets. After which, these experts will create a thrilling introduction for your concept and start viral campaigns on social media platforms.

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