How to encourage walk-in customers as a startup restaurant

startup restaurant

If you are a new restaurant owner, then you need a solid customer base to help you create a thriving business. Getting more people to stop in and check out the venue is critical to your success. We have four sure-fire ways to get more walk-ins and promote word-of-mouth advertising that will grow your brand below.

Air conditioning

No one wants to sit in a stuffy restaurant waiting for food. This is the ideal scenario for creating a room full of hangry people. Instead, hire a reputable HVAC company to install and service your air conditioning unit. You will be glad you did when the kitchen is comfortable instead of sweltering through the hot summer months.

Digital menu boards

People want to visit restaurants with new things. They like digital menus because they are easy to read. Having the prices organized in a coherent theme makes it quick for people to find what they want. You will speed up ordering times with this technology as well. Using mobile apps is also a good idea. Small Business Chronicle says mobile marketing helps people find your business when they are out in the neighborhood looking for a place to eat or drink.

Online ordering

People like the convenience of ordering in and eating at home. Forbes says this industry will grow to a 200 billion dollar field before it peaks. Every business wants to be a part of this emerging trend, so getting in on it now is the best course of action. You can have the option of simply placing orders online or even pair up with local delivery companies to give home delivery options. This will help you reach a much broader customer base than you could by physical location alone.

Plenty of open seating

For people to come inside, they want to see a place to sit. The restaurant should offer inviting seating, but also remain busy to entice people to come sit down. Using a beautiful table setting as part of the window display is an excellent way to grab the attention of people passing by the restaurant. Enticing them to come in might be as easy as putting a dessert menu on the table or a display close to the window.

When you need more people to visit your restaurant, then a few key tips can improve walk-in traffic. A bright sign with your specials and prices is another good idea. People like knowing what they want when they walk into some place new. It gives them a familiar feeling and helps them connect to your brand. Offering free items or promotions is another way to lure customers in the door.

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