Haircare packaging tips from professionals

Haircare packaging tips

Is there something you are doing wrong with your haircare packaging? What can you do better in terms of design to attract more loyal customers and drive more sales? Find the answer to these and many other pressing questions about beauty product packaging in this article by Packlion.

What makes haircare packaging so important?

Haircare packaging is important because it protects and basically sells the product.

The first role of packaging is to preserve and seal the haircare product to sustain its quality and safety before opening and during its shelf life. It protects the beauty item from light exposure, evaporating, as well as external damage. That is the main reason you should not compromise with the durability of packaging.

At the same time, haircare packaging is essential because it is like a direct advertising channel on the shelf or when the product is displayed as an online listing. In the cosmetics and beauty industry, the influence packaging has on purchase decisions is huge. If clients can relate to your brand message and find your product attractive, they will be more willing to buy your haircare.

Haircare packaging tips

Simplicity is the key

Simple and minimalistic designs are very on-trend right now. People believe in simplicity when it comes to haircare packaging and would be more willing to purchase a product with a neat and clean layout. With that in mind, ditch the bold elements and vivid colors and switch off to a more sophisticated and elegant design instead.

Add premium touches

Consumers truly appreciate packaging that has subtle premium touches to inspire a sense of luxury and elevate the product experience. Every client is instinctively drawn to premium items. So you ought to make your haircare product look unique, attractive, and accessible through the packaging. The goal is to stimulate the senses.

Think about switching to rigid gift boxes and high-quality boxes with a matte or glossy soft-to-the-touch finish. Some of the other premium touches that will make your haircare brand more desirable are scented packaging and fine embellishments.

Tell your brand story

Utilize your packaging to tell your brand’s story and represent your haircare company, its values, mission, and vision. By sharing your brand story through text and visuals, you can connect with people who share the same visions.

In addition, you can add a link or QR code on the label that can take customers to your social media or website so they can see what you are all about and what you are standing for.

Focus on your logo

Your logo is a selling point so it should always be on the packaging! When it comes to cosmetics and haircare products, client loyalty is off the roof. Once people try your product and they are happy with the results, they would be prone to keep on buying from you.

It is like an unofficial subscription model. But in order to keep these returning customers, first, you have to make sure they can spot your brand right off the bat and instantly recognize your logo when they see it.

Go eco-friendly

The haircare cosmetic industry is one of the industries that have a really hard time going sustainable. Mostly because most products are in liquid or gel form and they require special leak-proof packaging that is durable and protective. However, going green with your packaging is not impossible.

Establish yourself as a reputable brand, by partially ditching traditional packaging. That means selling fewer products in plastic packaging by adopting a refill policy. Refillable packaging is one of the most eco-conscious approaches you could have towards haircare goods.

Your next alternative is to make your products solid, instead of liquid. Solid shampoos, conditioners, masks, and other haircare cosmetics are super hot right now and the client interest in them is rapidly rising. These types of products can easily be sold in eco-friendly wrapping or kraft paper boxes.