Hail Storm Damage Roof Repair Tips For Commercial Buildings

Roof Repair Tips For Commercial Buildings

A hailstorm is something that can cause serious damage to the commercial building roof depending on the hailstorm density and size. Especially in a place like Indiana where the temperature drops up to -10°C, hailstorms become a fairly common thing. Therefore, protecting the roof against such serious damages becomes a necessity. You should always opt for spaced decking on your roof so that it has space proper drainage and is easier to clean.

The roof of your commercial structure requires protection, as commercial roof repair services can be a financial headache. The extent of roof damage largely depends on the roof condition apart from the storm and weather events that can cause damages. Here are certain tips you must follow to exceed the life of your commercial building’s roof:

Make a maintenance plan and keep the worst in mind

You can never be prepared enough for ominous threats like hailstorms, but taking mandatory precautions is something that you must do. One must not neglect the commercial roofs in Indiana because a roof is something that protects you from weather, rain, and almost everything else. You need to make sure that you conduct an inspection of the drainage system, flashings, cracks, or any other damages and get them eliminated beforehand. You must hire a team of professionals who do inspections from time to time and repair the problems which require attention.


They install flashing to join two sections of a roof and seal it to thwart water leakage. Roof flashings are vulnerable and can get seriously damaged during a hailstorm. You need to have your roof flashings inspected regularly to prevent any kind of flashing failure. While hiring a roofing contractor, you must show them the roof flashings, damaged vents, holes and large dents, and damage to skylights.

Gutters and drains

Your gutter and drain are your worst enemy during a hailstorm because your drainage system can get clogged, which will lead to the water stagnating and pooling on the roof. This situation can create extra weight on the roof, which can further lead to cracks and leakages.

You must invest in quality equipment that can move the water effectively and will stop water from accumulating on the roof. Hailstorms can clog the drainage system and can create serious issues during winters therefore, a proper inspection must be done of the drains and gutters before winters and if there is a problem, it must be addressed beforehand.

Ice dams

Melting of hail and then refreezing of water when the temperature drops can cause ice dams. These ice dams are hard to move and can cause some serious damage to your commercial building roof. You can add a layer of ice and water shield that acts as a protection of your roof and helps in fighting the ice dams. These shields are securely sealed to the underlayment, which makes them immovable by a weather catastrophe and will solve the problem of dams at the same time.


In a place like Indiana, never hesitate to inspect the roof of your commercial building for signs of damage. You must use a team of professionals and specialists for your roof inspection and plan for a twice-annual inspection, one in the fall and one in the spring. Get the missing or damaged shingles replaced and get the tree surrounding your roof trimmed. Professionals must do maintenance of the roofing system for better results.

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