How to Fix a Leaky Office Building for Good

Fix a Leaky Office Building

When a commercial building has a roof leak, the results can be devastating. A leak can damage inventory and make it difficult for employees to complete their daily tasks. If your office building has a leak, it can be frustrating, but these tips can help you address the issue and repair all leaks for good.

Design Problems

It is possible that your roof has a design problem that may lead to standing water that can result in leaks. Even a one-inch pool of water weighs more than five pounds per surface area and this weight can lead to problems. If your office building has a flat roof, you need adequate drainage to be sure that water does not puddle on the roof. If your roof is peaked, it is possible that your gutters and downspouts need to be adjusted to allow adequate drainage.

Improper Sealing

There are components of your roof that require sealing, including pipes, drains, HVAC units, vents, gas lines, hot stacks, and more. If the sealing around any of these components is damaged, it can lead to leaks. Consider having a roofing professional apply acrylic coating to prevent roof leaks. Applying acrylic coating can prolong your roof’s lifespan while also protecting it from harsh weather conditions.

Damage to Roofing Material

The membrane of a commercial roof is designed to keep water outside your building as is the flashing which seals the perimeter of the roof. If either of these are damaged, you could experience roof leaks. A roofing company can inspect your commercial roof to determine if you need repairs to the membrane or the flashing. Over time, the membrane can shrink, split, or crack, damaging the integrity of your roof. Flashing can become loose during storms, allowing water to seep inside. It can also be damaged by ice dams in your gutters.

Don’t Ignore the Leak

As soon as you notice a leak, you need to address it as a small leak can become a large leak very quickly. You don’t want to wait until you have a catastrophic roof failure before you seek a solution. Roofing experts will often provide a free or low-cost inspection to determine what may be causing the leak. It is important to remember that not all leaks mean a new roof as a minor leak may simply need a repair to prevent the damage from becoming worse. However, it is critical that you address the leak when it is small to avoid it becoming worse over time.

A leaky roof in a business can lead to major issues, including damaged inventory and employees who are unable to perform their job duties. If the leak is serious, it may not be safe for customers which is why you want to address a small leak before it becomes serious.