Getting the Job Done: 6 Pieces of equipment every office should have

Pieces of equipment every office should have

With the wrong salesperson, office managers may walk away from a conversation with the belief that all new, shiny and expensive office equipment is needed just to keep the doors open. This is simply not the case. However, there is some piece of gear that can help improve productivity, reduce costs and stress, and speed up communication – learn more here.

A Wireless Router

Before going to shop for office equipment, it’s a good idea to think about what’s really needed. One of these items is a wireless router. While most people have one of these in their office, they need to consider whether it is a good wireless router, as opposed to one that was provided by the internet services provider.

It’s a good idea to have someone reset the factor specs on any router in use at least one time a month. Routers are prone to a lot of malware that’s hard to detect. A bonus is that this requires a password change regularly.

Upgraded Computer Monitors

A large monitor isn’t just a fancy toy that helps keep employees happy. A larger amount of screen real estate results in a higher level of productivity because workers don’t have to keep moving from one window to another. It doesn’t matter if this real estate is increased with more monitors or with a larger monitor, but it can make a positive difference.

A Color Printer

If a business doesn’t have an office-grade color printer yet, this is the year to invest in one. By printing in house, a business can save a few cents per page compared to going to a local print shop. Keep in mind, though, if the convenience of an in-house printer makes employees print in color all the time, it will cost more, so stick to black and white for everything by final drafts and proofs to avoid this.

A 3D Printer

The innovation of 3D printing first emerged in 2014 when complex electronics, jawbones, shoes, and clothes were first introduced. A quality 3D printer in the office results in faster prototyping and more affordable modeling. It even offers a simplified supply chain for several components.

A Shared Hard Drive or Network Attached Storage

Many people haven’t realized that portable computing isn’t a future technology – it’s happening right now. Having a dedicated hard drive that the entire team can access allows everyone to use a portable device of preference without winding up with countless versions of the same document spread on dozens of computers. It also provides security benefits because sensitive files remain in a single location.

A Postage Meter

This is something every business needs; however, a business that sends employees to mail letters and packages more than twice a week needs a simple postage meter to save on time, fuel, and payroll. When buying a postage meter, it’s also possible to find them used, but this is a situation of buyer beware.

Getting the Necessary Office Equipment

Getting the needed office equipment will ensure that any office can operate productively and efficiently. Be sure to have the items here, along with any other equipment that may be needed for the specific business in question. By knowing what is needed and shopping for the right supplies (without overspending) offices and employees will be happier and more productive.

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